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Dr. Shyamal Kumar Pabi

Subjects : Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Shyamal Kumar Pabi is currently Professor and Dean of Engineering and Technology of the Adamas University, West Bengal.

After graduation in Metallurgy from erstwhile Bengal  Engineering College and completing M. Tech in IIT, Bombay, Prof. Pabi joined IIT Kharagpur as a faculty in 1972, and served there till his retirement in December 2015.He has supervised 19 Ph.D. theses including his own. He has published more than 130 peer-reviewed papers mostly in international journals, which bears the signature of his original contributions in Materials Science. He developed a new equipment for measuring inert gas permeation flux atom by atom, formulated anIso-Concentration Contour Migration (ICCM) method for computer simulating phase transformation kinetics, published a modified ICCM method (i.e. MICCM method) for simulating nanostructure formation and mechanical alloying kinetics, conclusively answered a longstanding question inmartensite nucleation, achieved a breakthrough in a consolidating refractory metal like tungsten, published a Molecular Dynamic – Stochastic model for heat conduction by nanofluids, etc. A detailed account of his academic activities is available in the website www.skpabi.com .