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Welcome To Adamas University


Adamas University (under West Bengal Act IV of 2014) with an sprawling green campus extending over 100 acres nestled in Barasat (13 kms away from the Subash Chandra Bose International Airport Kolkata), and in its 2nd year of operation, aspires to impart finest quality education to the young minds of West Bengal, with an already established high quality research facility and a powerful team of teachers. The University has manyinternational initiatives collaborating with the industries and educational institutes to facilitate projects, research and student exchange programs.Currently, in its 2nd year, the campus has 1500+ current students and more than 800 resident students & faculties. The University has been established with the vision of providing quality education to students to help them become professionally competent as well as academically knowledgeable under the seven Schools of Studies, like

Meanwhile the system of imparting the education will be flexible and multidisciplinary with state-of the-art and interactive pedagogy, the University is expected to gradually grow to accommodate other areas of study, such as Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Fine & Visual Arts and different branches of Medical Sciences.
The Adamas University has been established by Sachis Kiran Roy Memorial Trust (SKRMT) (under the West Bengal Act IV of 2014) passed by The West Bengal Legislature and approved by The Governor. The provisions of The Adamas University Act, 2014, have come into effect on 11th April 2014, through a notification issued by The Govt. of West Bengal on the same day.
As the parent organization, The RICE Group will also contribute to shaping the destiny of the youth of West Bengal pursuing their studies in the Adamas University.