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Experience at KNEU, Ukraine by the students of Adamas University

At first we would like to thank our Adamas University, for giving us this opportunity to visit Kiev National Economic University (KNEU) for study tour. We must appreciate its collaborations with many foreign Universities.

It was our first visit outside of India, we never travelled alone within India, but all of a sudden we travelled Europe alone, which brings up the realisation of our confidence level.

Anyhow, we got the experience of immigration process and had a session of interview process after landing at Boryspol International Airport, Kiev. But, we didn’t get nervous at all, we managed to go through the immigration process without any problem.

At Kiev airport, Prof Andrew was waiting for us and he greets us there. They provided us guest house with lot of amenities and comforts.

The next morning we went to the University for attending our classes, than we come to know about the education system of Europe and India.  There, the students learn more practical rather than theoretical, they are provided with the real scenarios of the company, the Professors and facultiesteach them to solve case studies.

The students there are very friendly and helpful; they are cooperative and behave well with foreign students.

We don’t think language is a great barrier to communication in doing classes in the University, but yes, we did face problems in the market, so speaking Russian gives you more advantage.

We had no regrets that we came so long to have our classes, cause the Prof Evhenia and their other members were taking care of us, and if we say about their hospitality, it was overwhelming.

From breakfast to dinner, and classroom to shopping mall, they helped us in every aspect.

Thus we insist, we must have student exchange program with our partner University, and all students must have got the chance to visit the university and have the experience and exposure to the teaching methodology of European University.

Thank you

Prasenjit Das, BBA, 1st Year


Chandan Mitra, MBA, 1st Year