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Experience at University of Genoa, Italy by the students of Adamas University

Two students from the School of Science and School of Engineering & Technology, Adamas University, Mr. Tathagata Kayal  and Mr. Risov Pal  got the opportunity to visit  University of Genoa in Italy from 24th April till  1st May  2017 by the invitation of the later. They have returned to Adamas University with great joy and good reports. Their dreams have been fulfilled by this trip. Their parents are so happy for this trip. Here are few words of Mr. Risov Pal about his visit.

“First of all I want to thank everyone who made my trip to Italy, University of Genoa possible. It was the wonderful experience for me to fly to Italy and to get acquainted with their system of education and life styles. I had learned so many things about their culture and education that I ever expected to do so. People of Genoa are the loveliest of the ones I have ever met till now. Overall my impression on this trip is outstanding.  We have seen a mixture of technological development as well as the cultural heritage in the city of Genoa and in the university. We also learned about their system of education. I personally think that their education system is more advanced.

 About their hospitality, Italian people are the best people we have met so far. That is one of the reasons why this trip is going to be memorable for us. Because we Indians are usually not used to such well manner and behaviour. Else who would forget their own work to help us reach our destination even after not understanding fully the language we speak?  The head of the department reached us himself when we were in trouble and the professors took us by their own cars sometimes. Even  they gave ride back to the apartment. We were honoured to meet such people’’.

Mr. Tathagata Kayal say shis impression about his visit to the University of Genoa this way.

“I did classes there, attended seminars and lectures. The Italians treated us with utmost care and helped us every time when we needed. Each of them was extremely helpful and friendly. I got there many new friends and met new teachers who advised me to join their university in future for doing my Ph.D . Overall my experience in Univerity of Genoa is Great”.

Mr. Risov Pal  suggest students of Adamas University the  following after his successful study tour  to University of Genoa.

“I was very lucky to have this opportunity to go to Italy. It is going to be a lifetime experience for me. So I suggest  students of Adamas University that we study hard to be at that level to have this opportunity to visit  a university like University of Genoa  and  learn from  them”.


Mr. Tathagata Kayal  (School of Science)

Mr. Risov Pal  (School of Engineering & Technology)