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Photos of British Council Seminar In Adamas University

Adding another remarkable experience to the academic field, an interactive session was organized by Adamas University on 8th of March 2017 at the seminar hall, presided over by four officials from the Kolkata chapter of the British Council, a renowned institute offering learning courses to students interested to study in the United Kingdom. The session started with the welcome note by our Senior Student Welfare Officer, Dr. Papiya Majumdar. After the welcome address, the session continued with a presentation on the scopes and opportunities in Great Britain regarding higher studies and the related details. A brief presentation was followed by this where facilities of the British council’s online library services was showcased from which individuals could get huge e-books, journals, research papers for their academic purpose provided they register individually on the organization’s website. The day’s session ended with the Quiz session, where questions of knowledge regarding United Kingdom were asked and students won prizes for answering them. All in all it was a great experience and the students of Adamas University were enriched with a lot of knowledge.