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Short Film by Adamas Mass Communication students ...

Short Film by Adamas Mass Communication students ...


ADAMAS University final year students of journalism and mass communication (masters) went through a wonderful learning experience with the 10 days filmmaking workshop conducted by Adamas University, where students got to learn about the nitty-gritty of film industry and how it actually works.

Students made three short films namely- ACID TEST, OH MAA, JARURI guided by the expert himself, Mr.Partha Chakrabarty, who is a well-known director working in this industry for over 30 years. He made the students learn about script writing, cinematic elements and how using logic and simplicity a good film can be made. Cinematographer Pravatendu Mondal, film editor Sujoy Dutta Roy, Assistant director Ashok Biswas too made us learn about short details of shots, angels, and editing.

The days of shooting of the short films, i.e, 1st and 2nd of June were the most enriching ones as the students entered the practical phase and learnt about direction, sound, framing, and aesthetics of film. Altogether it was a great experience JMC students gained and something to cherish forever, throughout their life. The most energetic and encouraging part were many faculties and University staffs were also participated in acting gladly.