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Prof. Sanjib Ghosh Director (Research and Development), visited Moscow State University

Prof. Sanjib Ghosh Director (Research and Development), visited Moscow State University


Prof. Sanjib Ghosh Director, Research and Development and Dean, School of Science and School of Biotechnology, ADAMAS University and former Professor of Chemistry and Principal of Presidency College, Kolkata was invited by International universities like Moscow State University (MSU) organized by Toulouse University, France. 

The University have got into collaboration with Adamas University Kolkata where we will have faculty and student exchange and learning methodology exchanges. 

Invited to visit the departments of Chemistry and Biotechnology of our partner University, Moscow State University (MSU) on 9th June. We were received by Tayana Parshina of the Department of International Cooperation. 

Meeting with Prof Sergei A. EREMIN, Head of Research Group of Immunoassay, Faculty of Chemistry about the research in his group and also a visit to his lab. Prof EREMIN is very eager to initiate research collaboration with the faculty members of the Departments of Microbiology and Biochemistry of Adamas University. 

Meeting with Dr Denis Nalobin, Chief R & D Officer, Biotechnology Business-Incubator, Moscow State University, Dr Olga Savelieva, Director, Business Development, Moscow State University, Biotech Incubator, Dr Andrey V Kitashov, Deputy Dean , Faculty of Biology and other scientists for collaborative research in the various fields of Biotechnology including Food Biotechnology. 

Visit to one of the laboratories having sophisticated instruments used in Biotechnology Research. 

Tatyana also arranged a visit to famous museum of Moscow State University (MSU), where we found the largest collection of Natural crystals of various minerals in the world (Department of Earth Science). This was one of the most impressive part of our visit to MSU which has the largest area among all the universities in the world.