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Visit of Senior Lawyer, Prof. Gianfranco Tamburelli from National Research Council of Italy to Adamas University from 9th to 14th March, 2017

Visit of Senior Lawyer, Prof. Gianfranco Tamburelli from National Research Council of Italy to Adamas University from 9th to 14th March, 2017


Gianfranco Tamburelli is a senior lawyer with over twenty-five years of professional experience, specializing in international, EU, and environmental law. He has worked as team leader and project manager of a public research institution; university professor; international legal consultant.

He is expert in the fields of international cooperation for sustainable development; the legal regimes and the protection of the environment of the Polar Regions; EU foreign relations with Eastern Countries, particularly Ukraine, and Russia; the sustainable management of land and of national parks.  He has held positions at the Ministry of Environment and furnished legal advice to various other institutions, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.

He has been speaker at a number of international conferences and seminars, member of various international organizations, and of editorial boards of scientific journals. As an internationally recognized legal expert he has worked in various countries, among which Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Palestine, and Ukraine.

With  the support  of  Dean, Professor  Dr. B. N. Pandey, Prof. Gianfranco delivered a “Lectio Magistralis” on: International Law on Environment and Sustainable Development: The Situations Today, and had a Meeting with students of various Faculties for a discussion on the role of the law and the importance of public awareness for the effective protection of the environment.

The Adamas University also organized a Seminar with some Professors and researchers. Professor Dr. Madhusudan Chakraborty, Vice Chancellor of the University, welcomed and introduced Prof. Gianfranco, who delivered a speech on: International Scientific Cooperation  between Public and Private Universities and Research Bodies. He enriched his speech referring to his long-lasting experience, and describing three research projects he is currently developing, respectively on International Cooperation for the Protection of the EnvironmentEU Relations with Eastern Countries and Russia, Human Rights of Asylum Seekers in Italy and Hungary. During the Seminar Prof. Gianfranco expressed his intention to maintain and strengthen the existing mutual relations between the Adamas University, the Institute for International Legal Studies and different Departments of the National Research Council of Italy.

Prof. Gianfranco during  his personal talks with the Chancellor of Adamas University, Professor Samit Ray, confirmed his belief that, though young, the Adamas University is on the right track  and is fulfilling its mission, and expressed also his wish to attend the international conference that the Adamas University will organize in Kolkata in January 2018.