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Visit of Dr. Ashok Kumar Chakraborty at AU campus

Visit of Dr. Ashok Kumar Chakraborty at AU campus


On 19th April Dr. Ashok Kumar Chakraborty, former advisor (Engg& Tech), DST, GOI, visited the AU campus at Barasat to share his ideas on the different new initiatives being discussed and implemented for the progress of youth in India. The theme of discussion was how Government of India is taking initiative to reduce the unemployment problem by encouraging people for Startups. PM Narendra Modi has announced 10,000 crores for startup and in similar lines CM of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee started ‘Egiye Bangla’ a competition among the people to bring out new startup ideas. Basis this there was a discussion on various innovative ideas which can help society in various forms. Few of such interesting discussions being:

  • Utilization of Gas heat by using asbestos, to keep the heat in it which can be used in cooking for next 25 minutes after 10minutes of using gas.  (reduces the cost and utilizes the heat)
  • Rice husk and air supplied by a motor which runs by solar energy and kerosene is used to start the process. – It can help to cook for 2 hours. (gas free cooking in less cost)
  • Motorbike starts after putting the helmet. (Safety for younger generation)
  • Mosquito repellent by using the leaf of Sugar apple (Ata fol/Shitafol). Collecting the liquid from theleafs, it can be vaporized to get rid of mosquito. (Easily alternative of existing mosquito repellents in natural way)

He pointed out few things to keep in mind while having such thoughts.

Key should be innovation since what is already in the market will not be appreciated much. Invention should be made keeping in mind market demand, society andutility. Product specification is also a key area which needs to be looked into.

He also touched base on the basic scope in Bengal for start-up. Areas like aqua culture, food processing, consumer electronics, smartphonesare a few to be looked into.2000 crores from exports from India is from handicrafts out of which 800 crores are metal based. So a huge opportunity is there for growth.

Dr. Chakraborty also shared a few important tips for the youth of this generation that how to become a successful entrepreneur


Details and contact information:

  • Dr Ashok Kumar Chakrabarty
  • Former Adviser (Engg & Technology), DST, GOI
  • Former Director, NABL
  • Former director, Usha Scientific Research Institute, USHA MARTIN INDUSTRIES
  • Former GM (Technical), GKW, Steel Div
  • Former Head of R&D and QA, Mahindra Ugine etc.
  • Former Director, EKTA Incubation centre, WBUT
  • Co-coordinator, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, MCKVIE