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School of Science -> Environmental Science -> UG Degree

The interdisciplinary course in Environmental Science includes Green Chemistry, Ecology and Evolving Ecosystem, Nature of pollution, Detection of pollution, Pollution and Industry, Energy resources, Environment and health, Climate change, Hydrology, and Oceanography. The course is structured with a major emphasis on the fundamentals and applications in physical, analytical and appropriate portion in organic and inorganic chemistry to help understand the different topics. Adequate laboratory training in relevant fields, project work and students’ seminar are included in the syllabus. Physics has been made mandatory elective and the other elective is either Geography or Geology. The programme also includes Foundation courses in English language and literature, Computer basic and application and a comprehensive course in Atmospheric science and Climatology. A compulsory course based on Essentials of Social Science will help acquire knowledge in various fields, such as mathematical aptitude and reasoning, basics in economics, law, management, constitution, information technology and socio-political science.

1. 10+2 passed from recognized Board or equivalent in Science stream.
2. Qualified in Adamas University Admission Test (AUAT).

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1. Qualified in Adamas University Admission Test (AUAT) conducted by the University through ONLINE and OFFLINE.

• After successful completion, a graduate student with his laboratory and skill based training will be able to join the work force needed at various levels of education, research in the related field.
• The present course will also help students to build a career in organizations like Chemical Industry, Pollution Control Board, Waste treatment industries, Water Authority and Urban Planning, Mines, Fertilizer plants, Food processing industries, Agriculture sector and Textile mills.
• The major course will enable students to compete entrance test for post graduate studies in Environmental Science and Atmospheric Science in various Institutes.
• The courses on career and skill development as well as the foundation course offered in the programme will enable students to compete national level competitive UPSC examination.