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School of Science -> Geography -> PG Degree

The 3 – Year B.Sc. (Honours) Program in Geography consists of six semesters and offers various branches of Geography including Geomorphology, Geotectonic, Climatology, Soil Geography, Biogeography, Social Geography, Cultural Geography, Economic Geography, Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing and so on. More emphasis is given to the skill development through laboratory training.Project work and students’ seminar have been made compulsory to get an overview of current research and development in the subject. The programme also includes Foundation courses in English language and literature, Computer basics and application and in Environmental Science with an emphasis on renewable and non-renewable energy resources. A compulsory course based on Essentials of Social Science will help acquire knowledge in various fields, such as mathematical aptitude and reasoning, basics in economics, law, management, constitution, information technology and socio-political science.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from a recognized University or equivalent.
  2. Qualified in Adamas University Admission Test (AUAT).

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Admission to the course will take place in terms of the Admission Notification issued by the University every year before the commencement of the academic session. Selection for admission to the course will be based on the eligibility criteria, performance in the admission test and also on the policy of reservation, if any, as indicated in the admission notification.

  • An updated and modernized syllabus with emphasis on proper laboratory training along with compulsory seminar presentation and project work will enable students to be equipped for employment as faculty member or research scientist in any reputed University and Research Institutes in India and abroad.
  • They may opt for urban design or town planning.
  • They have an opportunity to become a chartered surveyor also.
  • Other options include:
  1. Geological assistant 2) Development analyst 3) Country or Rural Planner 4) Environmental Consultant 5) Cartographer 6) Recycling manager 8) Weather Analyst 9) GIS Analyst 10) Park Ranger 11) Travel Agent 12) Soil Conservationist 13) Landscape Architect 14) Water/land Manager and many others.
  • With advance trainingin Geoinformatics the students can decide on,  to become  Remote Sensing Scientist and Technologist, Remote Sensing Analyst, Sensor Specialist, Radar and Sonar Technician, Agricultural Forecasting and Monitoring Specialist, Environmental Degradation Analyst, Disaster Management and Mitigation Specialist, Watershed Manager, Forestry Researcher, Urbanization Monitoring and Planning Consultant, Land Cover and Land Use Change Researcher.
  • The courses on career and skill development as well as the foundation courses offered in the curriculum will enable students to compete in national level competitive examinations like NET / SET / GATE / JEST / PSC / DRDO / ISRO / UPSC.