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School of Science -> Biochemistry -> PG Degree

Biochemistry, an interdisciplinary science integrating biology, chemistry, physics and bioinformatics offers a rigorous chemical approach to understand the structure of biomolecules, bioenergetics, the metabolic activities of cell and the principles of molecular biology, Biochemistry of Hormones, Clinical and Nutritional Biochemistry, Food analysis, Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular biology, Immunology and Recombinant DNA technology, Clinical Biochemistry. The course also contains principles of spectroscopic and other analytical techniques to correlate biochemical knowledge with human health and diseases. Laboratory and skill based training in the relevant fields has been strongly emphasized. Seminar and project work have been made compulsory to enable students to get an overview of the present scenario of recent development in Biochemistry and related fields. The course contains any two from Physics/Zoology/Computer Science/Mathematics/Chemistry as two compulsory elective subjects. The programme also includes Foundation courses comprising of English language and literature, Computer basics and application and Environmental Science with an emphasis on renewable and non-renewable energy resources. A compulsory course based on Essentials of Social Science will help acquire knowledge in various fields, such as mathematical aptitude and reasoning, basics in economics, law, management, constitution, information technology and socio-political science

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Science from a recognized University or equivalent.
2. Qualified in Adamas University Admission Test (AUAT).

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1. Qualified in Adamas University Admission Test (AUAT) conducted by the University through ONLINE and OFFLINE.

  • An updated and modernized  syllabus  with emphasis on proper laboratory training along with compulsory  seminar presentation and project work  will enable  students to  be equipped for  employment  as faculty   member  or research scientist in any reputed University and   research institute  in India and abroad.
  • The present course will help students to build a career in  Pharmaceutical  and Health sector          Organization and Industries at national and international level.
  • Programmes designed with specific applications will  enable students  to start  their own  entrepreneurship in different areas of Biochemistry.

          The courses on career and skill development as well as the foundation course offered in Biochemistry will enable students to compete in national                 level competitive UPSC examinations