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School of Social Science -> Psychology -> UG Degree

How do we learn, think and remember? What is the relationship between thinking and behaviour? How do we perceive the world, communicate or fall in love? Do animals think? How do children acquire language and knowledge of the world around them? Why do adolescents (and adults) conform to peer-group pressure? How do individuals function in work and social situations? What does ageing entail? What is the relationship between behaviour and the brain? How does disturbed or criminal behaviour develop, and what can be done to remedy it? These are just some of the questions psychology addresses.

  1. 10+2 in science/arts discipline or equivalent.
  2. Qualified in Adamas University Admission Test (AUAT).

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Admission to the course will take place in terms of the Admission Notification issued by the University every year before the commencement of the academic session. Selection for admission to the course will be based on the eligibility criteria, performance in the admission test and also on the policy of reservation, if any, as indicated in the admission notification

The prospectus has information for students enrolling in Psychology:

  •  Bachelor Science/Arts Psychology

Graduates and post graduates of the Faculty of Liberal Arts may find career opportunities with Psychology as Major and depending on their choice of Minor in following job sectors : 
Accountancy & Financial Management, Banking, Insurance, Financial services, NGOs, Hospitality, Tourism, Human Resources, Languages & Interpretation, Culture & Heritage, Logistics & transport management, Advertising & PR, Media & Publishing, Public Sectors, Civil Service, Social & Community Development, Teaching, Research and many other sectors.