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School of Social Sciences -> Politics and International Relations -> Ph.D

At Adamas University, doctoral candidates can pursue research in Political Science, Public Administration and International Relations or any of the subfields of politics. As part of coursework, students will learn various methodologies. They will also be trained in quantitative and qualitative aspects of research. After the completion of the coursework, students will carry on with their own research project and writing of thesis. Minimum duration of the programme is three years.

Master degree in Political Science/Public Administration/International Relations or any other related disciplines in Social Sciences from a recognized University or any other foreign University. Admission is based on entrance test and Interview.

Admission to the course will take place in terms of the Admission Notification issued by the University every year before the commencement of the academic session. Selection for admission to the course will be based on the eligibility criteria, performance in the admission test and also on the policy of reservation, if any, as indicated in the admission notification. Appropriate Scholarship ranging from 20% to 75% of Tuition Fees on the basis of different parameters including result of the eligibility qualifications, performance in admission test etc. as per policy of the University, may be sanctioned for the deserving candidates