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School Of Pharmaceutical Technology

School Of Pharmaceutical Technology

The School aim at creation and dissemination of knowledge for producing quality health care professionals with global standard to cater the growing demands in the country and abroad. Graduate programme in pharmaceutical technology is covered in 8 semesters and entails theoretical, practical, project work and assignments spread over all 8 semesters. The course has been designed to cater to the requirements of a large horizon of health care needs for Pharmaceutical and Formulation Industry, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharma covigilance, Research and Development of drugs including drugs of natural origin, Health Regulatory system and Academia. The Post Graduate and Doctoral programme in Pharmacy will follow soon.

The course imparts knowledge, skill and technique commensurate with the global trend to produce health care professionals who would be able to deal with various aspects of medicine, chief among which include raw material testing, manufacturing, quality control/quality assurance, packaging, distribution, maintenance of proper storage conditions, marketing, dispensing and patient counseling.

Program Level Degree/Diploma Duration (Yrs.) Remarks
UG Degree B.PHARM 4 4-year degree programme in Pharmaceutical Technology with industry-driven and industry-endorsed syllabus and state-of-the-art pedagogy

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