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School Of Law And Justice

School Of Law And Justice

The vision of legal education in the School of Law & Justice, Adamas University is to provide justice-oriented education essential to the realisation of values enshrined in the Constitution of India, with an excellent team of teachers and a selected student body, stressing individual attention and extensive as well as intensive study and, thereby, carrying further the all important task of educational renaissance in the country befitting the monumental efforts of the Founder of the University, Professor Samit Ray.”

This statement of basic policy reflects both an ambitious goal and a steady determination to attain it.

Its enviable infra-structure and academic ambience bonded with welcoming atmosphere foster the students’ aspiration to excel. The School and its faculty seek to promote and nurture the essence of excellence among students.

Sir Henry Maine, speaking in terms of the utility of the knowledge of law to the individual for success in life, wrote that legal studies were given the highest priority in Rome because “Law was the doorway to wealth, to fame, to status, to the Council of Chamber, nay to the very throne itself.”

Institutions imparting legal education including Indian Law Universities are falling behind severely in Knowledge integration. Thus Law and Justice in India fall back tremendously compared to other branches of knowledge. Naturally justice delivery system gets severely affected.

‘Legal education’ can transcend to ‘justice education’ only if there is very high degree of integration between education relating to ‘matter of fact’ and ‘matter of law’. ‘Matter of fact’ education comes from science, social science, engineering, technology, medicine etc. On the other hand ‘matter of law’ education comes from value education in each breach of knowledge and consequently development of system of ‘procedure and prove’. Weakness in one would weaken the administration of justice and ultimately damage the ‘rule of law’.

The School of Law and Justice, Adamas University has started and committed to take legal education to the realm of convergence of knowledge in a knowledge society till it is too late for the country placing great emphasis on justice education for development of human resources to become good jurists, judges and academicians to come out of the University.

In addition, our objective in all the following courses is development of skill for critical and prudential judgement as the principal goal of legal education is formative rather than informative.

Program Level Degree/Diploma Duration (Yrs.) Remarks
UG Degree BBA, LLB (Honours) 5 5 years integrated Dual Degree program for BBA (Honours) and LLB Degree

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UG Degree BA, LLB (Honours) 5 5 years integrated Dual Degree program for BA (Honours) and LLB Degree

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UG Degree BSC,LLB 5 5 years integrated Dual Degree program for BSC (Honours) and LLB Degree

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