Campus facilities

Campus facilities at Adamas university

Adamas University aims to set up a world-class smart campus by providing the latest technological facilities to its students to help them stay connected as well as to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among them. It also hopes to create a paper-less environment-friendly institution.


Existing Services

Adamas University, as per its proposed project, recently inaugurated Bank of India (BOI) branch inside the campus. The facility will be made available to people inside the campus as well as to the visitors of Adamas University. The services will include 24x7 ATM facility, education loan and a whole host of other banking provisions along with the routine offers and services by the Bank.


Short-term plans

  • Providing high-speed MIMO Technology Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire campus for better and easier accessibility for all
  • Conducting classes through interactive white boards
  • Recording and storing (streaming) of all classes held in the electronic medium for accessibility by the students, as and when required
  • Implementation of various enabling technologies such as educational gaming, ERPs, dashboards, collaboration tools and educational analytics
  • Providing the facility of SMS alerts for all, as and when required


Long-term plans

  • Setting up information kiosks, with touchscreen panels, for both students and their parents, thereby encouraging a culture of paper-less communication
  • Developing and implementing customized apps for students
  • Providing relevant important information to students by virtue of a smart card with an in-built chip that can be used in various ways as stated below:
    1. Each smart card will serve the dual purpose of being an ID card as well as a library card. Along with being used at the main gate for entry, in the Accounts section and at the kiosk machines, the card will also help the students access the library services.
    2. This smart card will also provide access to information such as student profile, attendance, library books in Accounts, session marks, final results, news and events, notice board, value-added activities, sports achievements, cultural achievements, library fine, fee balances, student complaints and thought of the day, among others
    3. This smart card will be valid for student/staff Bank Account opening.
    4. The SMS services can be availed by the students only if s/he has the smart card.
  • Providing the following benefits to the students through the Wi-Fi campus network as well as the online services:
    1. Ability to download study materials, class notes, assignments, articles, lesson plans, question papers (University/Board, House Test), e-Books, e-Journals, scanned copy of their certificates, lab manuals, resources, etc.
    2. Ability to access placement articles, personality development articles, latest news of industries, job vacancies and campus placements, etc., through the University portal
    3. Ability to register queries and suggestions online