A meeting between the parents and professors of Adamas University is being held from 10th to 18th November, 2016 at the University premises followed by ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award ceremony. The department-wise gathering focuses on making parents an integral part of the education process and building better ties with them making the procedure more engaging and to accomplish the ultimate goal in a cohesive manner. The event is also an opportunity for the parents to understand the University’s objectives and what future plans it has for its students. Parents also get a chance to directly interact with the faculty members, learn about the infrastructure and technology support the university has and about teaching & learning programs just to name a few. The program’s biggest highlight is to acknowledge the hard work of meritorious students of each School and encourage them by granting ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award to the ones selected.

Schools of Liberal Arts - 12th November, 2016

The parents meet for Liberal Arts School, Adamas University was held on 12th November, 2016 at the University Premises. The parents and guardians, customarily, met the professors and the Dean of the School individually to understand the progress of their children and the areas of improvement.

“Education empowers you”. The day started with this message during the common gathering round which had parents & guardians of the students of Liberal Arts School as audience. The program was conducted by Mr. Surojit Biswas, President-RICE Group in the presence of Mr. Samit Ray, Chancellor-Adamas University & Chairman-RICE Group, Prof. Madhusudan Chakraborty, VC-Adamas University, Mr. Debasis Som, Director-Professional Studies, Prof. Pandey, Dean-Liberal Arts and faculty members of the School along with other dignitaries and employees of Adamas University. The Chancellor-Mr. Ray shared his vision to provide world-class education to the students of this region through various initiatives like faculty & student-exchange programs with foreign universities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, just to name a few. Towards the end, a question-answer round enabled parents to clear their doubts and address their concerns and to decide the way forward for each student. The names of the meritorious students of the School of Liberal Arts were announced who won the ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award.

Chancellor’s Scholarship - School of Liberal Arts (1st Year)
Sl. No. Name Department Roll No
1 Adwaita Majumdar English UG/04/ENG/2016/001
2 Soumyabrata Debnath English UG/04/ENG/2016/006
3 Pritha Podder English UG/04/ENG/2016/008
4 Dibjyoti Bishram English UG/04/ENG/2016/009
5 Subhajit Sen English UG/04/ENG/2016/010
6 Soumyaditya Misra English UG/04/ENG/2016/014
7 Rituparna Majumder English UG/04/ENG/2016/021
8 Sombhadra Dutta English UG/04/ENG/2016/025
9 Jui Biswas English UG/04/ENG/2016/026
10 Sayan Dutta English UG/04/ENG/2016/029
11 Bicky Kar English UG/04/ENG/2016/030
12 Ishita Jana English UG/04/ENG/2016/031
13 Swapan Kumar Roy English UG/04/ENG/2016/032
14 Md. Khalid Hossain English UG/04/ENG/2016/033
15 Debdip Ball English UG/04/ENG/2016/035
16 Tanmana Datta Journalism & Mass Communication UG/04/JMC/2016/012
17 Tridibesh Majumdar Politics & Public Administration UG/04/PPA/2016/002
18 Subham Pal Politics & Public Administration UG/04/PPA/2016/004
Chancellor’s Scholarship - School of Liberal Arts (2nd Year)
1 Puloma Mitra(Special Case) English AU/2015/04/0162