A meeting between the parents and professors of Adamas University is being held from 10th to 18th November, 2016 at the University premises followed by ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award ceremony. The department-wise gathering focuses on making parents an integral part of the education process and building better ties with them making the procedure more engaging and to accomplish the ultimate goal in a cohesive manner. The event is also an opportunity for the parents to understand the University’s objectives and what future plans it has for its students. Parents also get a chance to directly interact with the faculty members, learn about the infrastructure and technology support the university has and about teaching & learning programs just to name a few. The program’s biggest highlight is to acknowledge the hard work of meritorious students of each School and encourage them by granting ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award to the ones selected.

School of Commerce & Management - 16th November, 2016

The School of Commerce & Management, Adamas university arranged for the parent-teacher meet on 16th of November, 2016 within the department at Adamas Knowledge City campus, followed by a career counseling meet. Similar to previous arrangements, the parents were received by the faculties and Dean of the School Dr. Prabir Gupta where they got an opportunity to meet the professors individually to discuss their child’s academic progress and the way ahead.

A common session was arranged at the Adamas University auditorium conducted by the Director of Adamas Institute of Technology, Prof Dr. (Col) Probhas Bose. The program witnessed a presence and lively participation by Prof. Samit Ray, Chancellor-Adamas University, Prof Madhusudan Chakraborty, VC-Adamas University, Mr. Debasis Som, Director-Professional Studies. A novel approach to integrate professional studies with the mainstream curriculum has been devised to make students completely career-ready. Mr. Som urged the parents present there to identify the talents in their children and accordingly guide them to aim for the appropriate career, instead of following the general trend. Prof Chakraborty assured the parents every attempt will be made to shape our students’ future.

Prof Ray while speaking with the audience highlighted the fact that all efforts are being made to achieve 100% employability for our students and in this direction few steps have already been designed like sending 2nd Year MBA students to universities abroad in a few months from now. Discouraging private tuitions, he also announced the launch of ‘evening tutorial home’- a 4-hours weekly special class for the students and they will also be given the option to stay back in hostels (separate for boys & girls) if its too late for them to travel back home. In response to a query from a parent if student is actually going for his class, Prof Ray informed everyone that an SMS system is in the process of installation which will send an instant text message to the parent’s/guardian’s registered mobile number as soon as they enter the premises, enabling parents to keep a track of the attendance. A parent who expressed his concern over long duration of campus stay, the Chancellor explained that it is in the professional interest of the students. They will receive comprehensive grooming opportunities inside the University campus in the areas of sports, music, yoga in addition to academics where all these sessions will be made more interesting ensuring 100% participation of each student. The launch of Placement offices in Pune, Delhi & Bangalore to facilitate the students of Adamas University was also announced. The interactive round was concluded with the calling of names of the students who received Chancellor’s Scholarship by Prof Dr. (Col) Probhas Bose and concurrently honoring each of them with the certificate.

Chancellor’s Scholarship - School of Commerce & Management (1st Year)
Sl. No. Name Subject Enrolment No
1 Sri Agniva Banarjee B.COM (H) AU/2016/01/0000294
2 Jagruti  Mahanta B.COM (H) AU/2016/01/0000607
3 Debolina Banerjee B.COM (H) AU/2016/01/0000682
4 Bikki Singh B.COM (H) AU/2016/01/0000738
5 Asmatulla Mondal BBA (H) AU/2016/01/0000301
6 Raja Mondal BBA (H) AU/2016/01/0000302
7 Amitabha Dey BBA (H) AU/2016/01/0000318
8 Subhangi Debnath BBA (H) AU/2016/01/0000322
Chancellor’s Scholarship - School of Commerce & Management (2nd Year)
Sl. No. Name Course Enrolment No
1 Rupa Ray (Special Case) B.Com AU/2015/01/0036
2 Swarnadip Mondal MBA AU/2015/01/0049