A meeting between the parents and professors of Adamas University is being held from 10th to 18th November, 2016 at the University premises followed by ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award ceremony. The department-wise gathering focuses on making parents an integral part of the education process and building better ties with them making the procedure more engaging and to accomplish the ultimate goal in a cohesive manner. The event is also an opportunity for the parents to understand the University’s objectives and what future plans it has for its students. Parents also get a chance to directly interact with the faculty members, learn about the infrastructure and technology support the university has and about teaching & learning programs just to name a few. The program’s biggest highlight is to acknowledge the hard work of meritorious students of each School and encourage them by granting ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award to the ones selected.

School of Engineering & Technology (Computer Science Engg-1st & 2nd Year)- 17th November, 2016 On 17th of November, 2016 another meeting between the parents and teachers of the School of Engineering & Technology-Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 1st & 2nd Year-Adamas University was conducted by the faculties and the Dean and Pro-VC, Dr. Rajesh Siddavatam of the School at the Adamas Knowledge City campus. A one-on-one round with the teachers took place to keep them abreast of their child’s academic and overall development besides providing career guidance. A common session then welcomed all parents and guardians to the University auditorium where Prof Dr. N.L. Mitra Chancellor-KIIT University, Prof Samit Ray, Chancellor-Adamas University, Prof Madhusudan Chakraborty, VC-Adamas University, Mr. Debasis Som, Director-Professional Studies, Adamas University along with many others were also present. A career option form was handed over to parents guiding them to fill it in which will help plan a career path for the students.

Prof Chakraborty made it clear that “the faculties of CSE at Adamas University focus on the core concepts of the subject that strengthens the fundamentals in students which helps them adapt to frequent upgrades that take place in the area”. Dr. Mitra while addressing the audience suggested that “parents should keep providing moral & emotional support to their children and must visit the campus frequently besides being financially capable”. While for faculties, he asserted, that “they must keep updating their knowledge base and remain in sync with the latest changes and trends both in academia and industry”. Prof Samit Ray during his speech mentioned that “we are going all out to make this a world-class University where each graduate is capable of building a career for herself/himself. Our curriculum, infrastructure, resources match with that of international standards and to provide global exposure to our students we are shortly sending a batch abroad for research purpose”.

The next was an announcement of the winners of the prestigious ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award followed by a questionnaire round that saw Prof Ray answering queries of the parents/guardians. He also explained the impacts of integrating Professional Studies with the core syllabus and its concepts of ‘Common & Specific Prospects’ designed exclusively for each School and subject. Answering a parents concern about placements post obtaining the degree, he said, “we, in order to facilitate our students from Adamas university, have launched placement cells in Delhi, Pune & Bangalore to manage best placements for them across the country”. Another issue raised by a guardian regarding concentration in studies was also addressed when Prof Ray emphasized that “students can opt for Yoga classes within campus to improve their mental and physical well-being”.

Chancellor’s Scholarship - School of Engineering & Technology (CSE-1st Year)
Sl. No. Name Subject Enrolment_No
1 Ankit Pal Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000339
2 Soumak Dutta Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000345
3 Ankita Mukherjee Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000346
4 Sayan Ghosh Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000352
5 Animesh Das Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000356
6 Sayan Mondal Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000359
7 Arunava Chakraborty Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000362
8 Aman Kr Sarkar Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000366
9 Saptarshi Mondal Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000367
10 Ankan Ghosh Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000368
11 Junayed Alavi Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000369
12 Subhendu Pathak Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000372
13 Trina Biswas Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000373
14 Suvankar Nandy Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000375
15 Risov Pal Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000377
16 Pamela Chowdhury Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000571
17 Swapnil Biswas Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000601
18 Ayanabha Ghosh Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000635
19 Amlan Chakraborty Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000641
20 Abhradip Maiti Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000717
21 Souvik Nag Computer Science & Engineering AU/2016/02/0000746
Chancellor’s Scholarship - School of Engineering & Technology (CSE-2nd Year)
Sl. No Name Subject Enrolment/ Registration No.
1 Sanjoy Goswami Computer Science & Engineering AU/2015/02/0072
2 Souvik Nandi Computer Science & Engineering AU/2015/02/0085
3 Ayan Ghosh Computer Science & Engineering AU/2015/02/0057
4 Nahal Yasmin (Special Case) Computer Science & Engineering AU/2015/02/0067
5 Nisa Yasmin (Special Case) Computer Science & Engineering AU/2015/02/0068