A meeting between the parents and professors of Adamas University is being held from 10th to 18th November, 2016 at the University premises followed by ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award ceremony. The department-wise gathering focuses on making parents an integral part of the education process and building better ties with them making the procedure more engaging and to accomplish the ultimate goal in a cohesive manner. The event is also an opportunity for the parents to understand the University’s objectives and what future plans it has for its students. Parents also get a chance to directly interact with the faculty members, learn about the infrastructure and technology support the university has and about teaching & learning programs just to name a few. The program’s biggest highlight is to acknowledge the hard work of meritorious students of each School and encourage them by granting ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award to the ones selected.

School of Engineering & Technology (Excluding Computer Science Engg-1st & 2nd Year)-18th Nov, ‘16

A similar arrangement was made for the parents of the students of other departments of School of Engineering & Technology, besides Computer Science Engineering on 18th November, 2016 at the Adamas Knowledge City premises. The parents and guardians after meeting the Dean and faculty members of the School individually, attended the combined session at the University auditorium.

The prospects within various streams of Engineering & Technology such as Robotics, Automobile Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Chip Design, Power System and many more were discussed in the presence of faculties and top management including Prof Samit Ray, Chancellor of Adamas University. Prof Madhusudan Chakraborty while speaking to the audience referred Parent Teacher Meets as “opportunities to exchange thoughts that add value to the entire learning and teaching process, besides keeping themselves posted on their children’s progress”. Prof Ray, assured parent and guardians on the aspects of placements and job prospects “since we have functional placement cells in major cities across India that will network with the industry to help our students settle in their chosen career”. He also encouraged Technology & Engineering students to “opt for specialized courses in Cyber Law which requires dual expertise both in technology as well as law, since a student from non-technical stream will less understand the areas within cyber security and crime”.

The names of the winners of ‘Chancellor’s Scholarship’ award within the School were announced where substantial fee waiver plans will motivate them further. The session drew to a close with an interaction round that witnessed the Chancellor, VC, Pro-VC and other significant persons answering queries of the parents/guardians. Prof Ray informed the audience that periodic ‘motivational classes’ will shortly begin which will be conducted by him, just the way it is carried out for the students of RICE Education.

Chancellor’s Scholarship - School of Engineering & Technology Excluding CSE (1st Year)
Sl. No. Name Subject Enrolment No
1 Arnab Maji CE AU/2016/02/0000332
2 Dinesh Mondal CE AU/2016/02/0000333
3 Samin Haque CE AU/2016/02/0000334
4 Rupam Paul ECE AU/2016/02/0000354
5 Habibul Khan ECE AU/2016/02/0000382
6 Puja Nag ECE AU/2016/02/0000388
7 Sumit Bhattacharya ECE AU/2016/02/0000389
8 Mohammad Ayyan Ansari ECE AU/2016/02/0000393
9 Ashutosh Mishra ECE AU/2016/02/0000404
10 Bishal Das ECE AU/2016/02/0000579
11 Arjyaman Choudhury ECE AU/2016/02/0000768
12 Tanmay Chakraborty ECE AU/2016/02/0000778
13 Shartanu Biswas ECE AU/2016/02/0000791
14 Subhajit Bhattacharjee EE AU/2016/02/0000395
15 Soumyadeep Chakrabarty EE AU/2016/02/0000401
16 Arkamitra Manna EE AU/2016/02/0000612
17 Snehashish Saha EE AU/2016/02/0000767
18 Debabrata Mondal EE AU/2016/02/0000779
19 Avijit Ghara ME AU/2016/02/0000406
20 Susanta Bhanja MECHATRONICS AU/2016/02/0000409
21 Subhranil Das MECHATRONICS AU/2016/02/0000760
22 Sharmistha Dey BCA AU/2016/02/0000412
23 Kamalika Bhattacharjee BCA AU/2016/02/0000420
Chancellor’s Scholarship - School of Engineering & Technology Excluding CSE (2nd Year)
Sl. No. Name Subject Enrolment_No
1 Baibhav Kumar Mechnical Engineering AU/2015/02/0105
2 Niraj Kumar Mechnical Engineering AU/2015/02/0108
3 Prakash Kumar Mishra Mechnical Engineering AU/2015/02/0109
4 Vivek Kumar Mechnical Engineering AU/2015/02/0114
5 Sayandeep Podder Civil Engineering AU/2015/02/0095
6 Pradyut Ghosh Civil Engineering AU/2015/02/0090
7 Subhasish Manna Civil Engineering AU/2015/02/0100
8 Tamanna Yeasmin Electronics & Communication Engineering AU/2015/02/0087
9 Souvik Das Mechnical Engineering AU/2015/02/0112
10 Special Case-Raju Bera Civil Engineering AU/2015/02/0092