Another milestone in the history of Adamas University’s (AU) foreign collaborations was achieved when recently it signed agreements (MoUs) with few academic institutes and reputed university in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region.

An official visit by Mr. Surojit Biswas, President (RICE Group) , to the cities of Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon (Vietnam) and Manila (Philippines) recently was meant to build alliances with some of the key institutes and universities. Mr. Biswas, post signing the deals, asserted that “these academic associations with institutes and universities in SEA will not only have far reaching impacts on the education space but will positively influence the economy of the nations associated as well”.

The agreements have been signed mutually with the objective to facilitate student and faculty exchange programs, to enhance research & development work as well as to strengthen placement prospects of Adamas University students immediately upon graduation/post graduation. Adamas University which has already positioned itself reasonably well as regards academic partnerships with international institutes/universities, is now entering a completely new geography – Southeast Asia. During his first trip, Mr. Biswas tied-up with 3 significant institutes for academic and placement reasons;

1. Fortrust Education - will remotely work as ‘Admission Consultant’ to AU in Manila by setting up admission cells

2. Far Eastern University (FEU) – the leading and one of the oldest universities of Philippines will liaise to enable:
• Student & Faculty Exchange Programs and
• Research & Development Activities

3. AAA Education Consulting Limited (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) – Official Admission Partner of Adamas University.

In times when China and other Asian countries in the world are heaviliy investing and focusing on improving the quality of higher eductaion and university standards, the competition for India is undeniably fierce. The country therefore not only needs plenty of universities and colleges, but should be able to produce bright graduates who are job-ready and also support scholarly and sophisticated research. Adamas University’s presence in this region through such collaborations will provide further impetus to its globalization drive, in addition to opening job avenues for its students.