INFOCOM 2016 (an ABP initiative)-India’s top business, technology and leadership meet held at Swissotel, Kolkata from Dec 1-3, 2016 was organized to create an awareness about ‘positive disruption and why it is so essential for overall development. This year’s event dealt with the phenomenon of transformation through continuous and positive disruption.

In recent times, we have been witnessing some path breaking innovations that have impacted everyone’s lives like the advent of Internet of Things, Big Data phenomenon, shifting of global economy to digital mode, myriad of mobile applications invention are just a few examples which have completely transformed our perspective and the way we function in our daily lives. Thus the process of positive disruption is a continuous cycle and is an essential tool to make a better tomorrow.

Adamas University is proud to be a Learning Partner of INFOCOM (under ‘Associate Sponsor’ category) with which it is associated for over 7 years now through its parent organization RICE Group. One of the largest congregations of ICT professionals, buyers-sellers, corporate leaders, academics, visionaries, and policymakers in India INFOCOM brings together the best global minds and think-tanks including Dr. Baidyanath Chakravarty, Shri Vineet Nayar, Shri Harish Bijoor and the likes, brainstorm on subjects spanning Business Strategy & Functions, Technology and Leadership.”

Star Speaker Dr. Baidyanath Chakravarty – a legend in Assisted Reproductive Techniques & Infertility Research and Retired Professor and Head-NRS Medical College, Kolkata was felicitated by RICE Group and Adamas University before his compelling speech on “Healthcare in India – Inspiring possibilities, challenging journey”. Harish Bijoor – Brand Expert & Founder Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. was felicitated by Prof. Madhusudan Chakravorty – VC, Adamas University before his keynote on the recent transformations which have impacted one and all. Citing the innovations in the field of Ayurveda by Baba Ramdev calling him ‘a new age entrepreneur’, he said that Patanjali has redefined the FMCG sector and has successfully rerouted the preferences of common people taking them back to their roots, showing the organic way. He also spoke about Mukesh Ambani’s Jio moment and PM Modi’s ‘demonitization’ step which took the nation by storm. Vineet Nayar – Former CEO, HCL Technologies Ltd, Author & Philanthropist & Founder Chairman & CEO, Sampark Foundation was also honored by Adamas University before he spoke about driving transformation and innovations through disruptive technologies and methods. In addition to several other keynotes by distinguished professionals on the central theme of ‘disruption & transformation’, a panel discussion on “Digital Inclusion” witnessed various eminent speakers participating including Surojit Biswas -President, RICE Group, Debasish Roy -VP, IT, CESC, Mohit Pandey -Country Head, SEA & India, Google for Work and many others. How digital inclusion in the areas of education, power and other sectors have positively transformed the lives of millions of people and why more such revolutionary innovations are the need of the hour, were discussed at length. The conference also saw Indian film & theater personality Boman Irani motivating all by how from being a dyslexic child he grew to be a famous public figure.

The 3-day event emphasized on the fact that its important to act today proactively to build a sustainable tomorrow and in order to best design tomorrow a healthy disruption is essential. Thus disruption is a pre-requisite for transformation and growth by taking transformative steps and empower individuals that will make us all future ready.