The order is changing gradually and so is the global outlook towards India. Instead of sending students to international destination India is now gearing up to receive international students for imparting education. Adamas University also feels the need to be instrumental in contributing towards this latest switch worldwide where India is being perceived not just as a tourist destination but as a place to receive education and build careers as well.

In pursuit of making Adamas a truly global university, delegates from the University including Prof Samit Ray-Chancellor, Adamas University, Mr. Surojit Biswas-President, RICE Group and Mr. Goutam Bhowmik- Manager (International Sales and Marketing), Adamas University recently visited the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. A meeting was held on 7th of December, 2016 in Thimphu between Prof Ray and Mr. Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk-Education Minister of Bhutan and other dignitaries of Adamas University to discuss the possibilities of an alliance to aid students’ admission from Bhutan at Adamas University. Prof Ray felicitated the honorable minister and invited him for further discussions on the issue which will take place in March, 2017 at Adamas University. The University is looking forward to commence and implement the following proposals;

• Sponsoring selected Bhutan students for studying at Adamas University
• Organizing International Olympiads in collaboration
• Undertaking skill development training for the underprivileged in Bhutan
• Plans to set up schools in Bhutan
• Training of Bhutan government officials on Management & IT
• Cultural Exchange Program
• Curriculum Exchange Program
• Faculty & Student Exchange Program

Honorable minister also assured his total support in implementing and propagating the plans of Adamas University, which will be supervised by Mr. Leela D Sharma, Consultant to Adamas University for Bhutan.