Industry — Enabled, Endorsed and Ready

Industry  Enabled, Endorsed and Ready

As businesses propose to double and treble their workforces and India Inc. strives to maintain its position in the global market, it has become imperative to prepare and plan for a world-class, competent, talented and innovative workforce. With this in mind, the Adamas University, right from its inception, is putting in place a curriculum that is industry-enabled and industry-endorsed for developing professionals who are industry-ready. A group of mentors who are industry leaders will monitor the curriculum on a regular basis. There will be mandatory training and placement sessions along with industry internship. Further, regular visits to the industry by the students will be arranged to make them aware of the current scenario. Other than grooming students for the industry and the corporate world, there will be specific modules available for government and public sector jobs as well.


Staying industry-enabled

  • The University will form an Academic Council comprising eminent members of the industry. They will ensure that each and every student is learning relevant courses to hone them to meet the industry requirements. Further, groups will be created and visits will be arranged to understand the need of the hour so that the curriculum can be designed accordingly.
  • The University will tie up with industries in India and abroad so that the various faculties can spend a certain amount of days in the industry every semester. This will enable the faculties to get the knowledge of the fast-changing needs and demands of the industry.


Being industry-endorsed

  • Once the courses are ready, the University will circulate the courses in the respective industries and take feedback on their relevance through the Likert Scale. If the score of the courses are satisfactory according to the Likert Scale, only then will they be introduced as part of the curriculum.
  • Every year the University will consult the partner industries and its eminent Academic Council and revise the syllabus according to the prevailing Industry trend and requirements.


Getting industry-ready

  • The University will ensure that each of its students is industry-ready from the first day of his/her service so that the industry need not spend any more time and money on training such competent resources. This approach is also expected to increase placement opportunities for the students.
  • Industry experts will be regularly invited so that they can share their insights with the students. They will also conduct faculty trainings so that the latter are in sync with and aware of the industry requirements.
  • Industry visits will be organised for the students and a report will be expected from them after each such visit.
  • During the six-month internship period, it must be made mandatory that the faculties take feedback from the industry about the performance of each student. A SWAT analysis of each student will be done so that the University can understand the areas where the students need to be improved. Accordingly, the students will be trained in their remaining semesters.
  • Other than grooming students for the industry and the corporate world, there will be specific modules available for government and public sector jobs as well.