I wish to extend a hearty welcome to you all at ourAdamas University, Barasat Kolkata.

The young mindsjoin a University in their formative years with dreams of building career of their choices. They learn and develop a solid knowledgebase in their respective disciplines that empower and transform them not only to become good professionals but also to become good citizens of the country and the world at large. A University also encourages the young ones to ask questions, promotes inquisitiveness and debates on various issues and help them to become knowledgeable and mature. They spend the best period of their life in a University making best friends and participating in various extracurricular activities in addition to the vigorous learning processes they undergo. The University is a confluence of minds of different age groups where cross fertilization of ideas lead to creation of new knowledge, innovations leading to development of technology for the benefit of mankind and turning out of professionals who would lead the country and the world as academicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, politicians and leaders of the society. The Adamas University at Barasat Kolkata provides the perfect environment encouraging close interactions between the faculty and students in all curricular and extracurricular activities that help the young girls and boys in fulfilling their dreams.

In a short span of the past two years the Adamas University has created an impressive infrastructure and an academic environment conductive not only for imparting higher education in various disciplines of science, engineering, mass communication, liberal arts, law and management but also for creating new knowledge through research and innovation. The University is led by a group of academicians of international repute. I welcome students from all over India and abroad to avail the opportunities we offer for building career in a wide range of professions while satisfying their passions in various extracurricular activities that include games, sports, music, debates, dramatics and many other social and cultural activities.

I wish to call upon the youthful scholars of Adamas University not only to concentrate on the academic programmes they have enrolled for but also to participate in debates and other extracurricular activities on crucial issues that cover a wide spectrum of contemporary and emerging issues on local, national and global scenarios. In this regard they should place themselves at the centre of the great thinkers and innovative researchers. Indeed amongst them are some of the world’s foremost professionals of the near future.

I welcome you all to participate in our endeavour in imparting higher education relevant to the society and to be our partners in pursuit of excellence.