Recognising Talent & Potential

To celebrate education and the vast talent in the state and beyond, Adamas University introduces its Scholarship Program, offering up to Rs 30,000 in scholarships to the brightest young minds.

Students already enrolled at ADAMAS UNIVERSITY, AIS & AWS, and students of RICE EDUCATION may avail of a one-time 50% waiver on admission fees and a 25% deduction for Semester I.

Students applying to Adamas University through the AUAT test can receive an Rs. 30,000 reduction to fees for Semester I if they achieve a score of 85% or higher. Students achieving 70% or higher may receive up to Rs. 20,000 waivers on the same.

At Adamas University, education is multi-spectrum. Students are encouraged to broaden their horizons and discover their unique skill sets and grow by exploring multiple disciplines and non-academic activities in a campus that is always ‘ON’ 24×7.

Adamas students have limitless options and opportunities on how they want to grow their careers. Our ‘Idea Incubation’ initiative open these young minds to possibilities to set them up for a lifetime of success.

All this in a 120-acre green campus in the heart of West Bengal.