Top Leadership Team


Prof. Dr. Parimal Chandra Biswas

Professor, Department of Management
Director, International Relations 

From time immemorial India has always been the mysterious country that attracted people from all over the world. It is true that many of them came to fight against it and subjugate it. But paradox was that many of them finally fell in love with India so much and decided to live and die here for generations. India really is incredible in its history and stories, cultures and languages and in all dimensions of its diversities. India still remains the most mysterious, magnetic, marvellous, colourful and exotic subcontinent in the minds of the rest of the world. Considering the glorious heritage of the country and vision of Adamas University for becoming a world class Indian university with global outlook we anticipate to be home of thousands of international students from all continents who will satisfy their ever growing quests of their minds and hearts to get best education and unforgettable experiences, which India has to give them.

The modern scenario of the world looks like that Indians can be found scattered all around the world, specifically in the universities and colleges and many of them had conquered the peaks of education and knowledge, found their decent places in industries, businesses and communities globally. Understanding the present age of globalization and its overwhelming influences on our lives we are committed to educate our students to fit for national and international marketplaces. We have made the platform to provide opportunities for our students to have short and long term study, training, internships, researches and innovations experiences in international universities around the globe.

We cordially welcome all students, faculty members, visiting professors, researchers and guests to get their unique experiences at Adamas University.

Parag Ray

Director, Global Engagement and Partnership

Parag Ray has a background in Sociology and Social Work. Parag studied both at Calcutta University, India and University of Windsor, Canada before working for the Canada Government’s Child Protective Sector over 15 consistent years of her career. In this job, Parag went on to hold various positions including the position of a Senior Officer, Child Abuse Forensic Investigations Division, Canada before joining the Adamas University in 2019 in a dual position as the Vice President of International Affairs and the Director of Professional Studies. It was soon after that Parag moved on to be the CEO of Adamas Global Professional Services, a R.I.C.E Group Initiative, as well as the Director of Global Engagement and Partnership, Adamas University.

Parag is very passionate about what she does and holds sound knowledge in international higher education leadership. Parag was an international student herself, lived 19 years of her life in North America and cherishes while reflecting and transcending her personal life learning experiences into her day to day practice. Parag has a keen understanding of international student recruitment and retention, following the global education trends, and has taken part in many different conferences around the World on topics ranging from internationalization, marketing to millennials to global student mobility projections.

Parag’s expertise will add to contribute in developing and maintaining international education and industry partnership for both Adamas University (Canada, USA and UK) as well as Adamas Global Professional Services.

Parag speaks five languages and operates based out of India and North America, enjoying a sense of being home at both ends.