I wish to welcome you all to Adamas.

There’s a lot riding on these years, I realise when you look back, nostalgic for youth, for comfort, for faith. Years that you carry in the confidence of your footsteps, in the jut of your chin held high, in the future resting on your shoulder. This is a chance for you to grow, to learn, to be for you to appreciate aspirations of freedom and opportunities for all, and never take these ideals for granted. To recognise our identity as a human community and our obligation to the society we serve.

The world is changing – and what pace at that – and we’re opening up to avenues we hadn’t dreamt of before. Education is interdisciplinary and reactive; it’s flexible and agile, and it’s ever-evolving. At Adamas, we are committed to moulding graduates who will make a difference to society. Students are guided to implement the principles learnt in classrooms practically through experimentation in laboratories. We collaborate and maintain excellent relationships with industries and leading research centres for joint projects, trainings and internships.

Prof. (Dr.) Deependra Kumar Jha Vice-Chancellor

Our vision is to be recognised for high-quality academic programmes and research through industry-relevant programmes, excellence of our motivated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. More than anything, we believe in providing our students with an environment that nurtures, gives them creative freedom, a thirst for knowledge and a lesson for a lifetime.

If anything, Adamas believes in character development we believe in our students, in their potentials, in their dreams. We’re just as focused on the extra as we are on the curriculum, and we take your passion as seriously as you. Today’s youth is aware; engaging in debates that raise difficult questions, involved in issues of global importance, demanding reforms and paradigm shifts. At Adamas, you yourself at the centre stage of such conversations, with peers that stand by you.

We’ve always believed in the transformative nature of knowledge – a ticket to dream, a chance for betterment and a liability to create a positive impact. In turbulent times, it’s education which preserves our ability to captivate and convince, to provide knowledge that is rich and vivid knowledge that is capable of changing minds as well as hearts. Adamas is more than just a University, in that sense it has become a movement that transpires a generation of driven, sensitive, passion-fuelled professionals.
Although our society, to this day, struggles to make good on its founding ideals, countless people have long looked to our nation’s shores with hope for the chance to learn, for the chance to contribute, for the chance to live better and safer lives.

So, I welcome you all with the same enthusiasm; I hope you make the best of these years, and I hope we can be partners in the pursuit of excellence. 

Dr. Deependra Kumar Jha
Vice-Chancellor, Adamas University