The 1st Industry Institute Interface

Titled I-Cube, the Career Development Cell (CDC) of Adamas University held a day-long programme at the Convocation Centre of Adamas Knowledge City

Titled I-Cube, the Career Development Cell (CDC) of Adamas University held a day-long programme at the Convocation Centre of Adamas Knowledge City on Thursday, 23 January 2020, to celebrate the success of all the students who have been successfully placed through the CDC.

A large, enthusiastic and responsive gathering comprising of present and former students, their parents, industry representatives who have recruited Adamas students, HODs and Faculties of various departments, the Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor of Adamas University were present.

The main attraction of I-Cube was felicitating former and present students for their successful placement. Proud parents cheered, when their sons and daughters took to the podium to receive their mementos.

The Director of CDC, Mr. Abhijit Giri, during his presentation to the gathering, said: “Let us not forget that we are experience a global economic slowdown. Our country is also experiencing the same with the job market feeling most of the heat. Good jobs are few and far between. In spite of such a scenario, the students of the current academic year of Adamas University have conquered all odds. I am proud to announce that more than 100 students of our University have received lucrative offers from various companies. Let me emphasize that these students still have 6 more months to go, before they complete their degree. This is a fantastic achievement.”

Adamas University is trying for an inclusive education approach – that factors in, the needs of the Industry. For every course taught at Adamas, there is an exposure to industry through credit based Internship, industry visits and mentorships and project based study. Along with regular knowledge updates in form of capsule programs for brushing up functional skills, series of Celeb talk programs that allow the students to interact with industry leaders and LaunchPad programs from industry in workshop mode are parts of curriculum. To be successful during job interviews, exclusive skilling and re-skilling drive like soft skill, communication skill, aptitude enhancement, balancing IQ & EQ is undertaken through the School of Professional Training

In his address, the Chancellor of Adamas University, Prof. Samit Ray said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Career Development Cell. Mr. Abhijit Giri and his team members are taking in lot of new initiatives and putting in maximum possible effort. And the results are showing. Dear parents, I would specially like to thank you for believing and trusting us. As you can see, your belief and trust has not gone in vain. Our aim is to help each and every student of Adamas University to achieve their desired professional goal.”

The Vice Chancellor of Adamas, Prof. Madhusudhan Chakraborty also congratulated the students wishing them every success in their upcoming professional lives. Reminding them of their responsibilities, he said: “Please remember, that you are the ambassadors of our University. Always keep the Adamas flag flying high.”

For a higher education institute, the main challenge is to design an education system where the students experience life’s realities and are able to make some sense of what they are about to face in the real world. A system where the student is able to pursue some form of real work and is able to learn simultaneously, would exponentially build his skills and enhance his market value. Adamas University aspires to impart finest quality education to young minds with an already established high quality research facility and a powerful team of teachers. The University has many international initiatives collaborating with the industries and educational institutes to facilitate projects, research and student exchange programs. This enhances not only the academic knowledge of the students, but also provides them with valuable insights about what the industry wants, and thus develop the cutting edge not only to be successful in interviews, but also when they are in employment.

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