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A true International Epicentre of Learning

Adamas University is rated the Best Private University in Eastern India and was established to provide a solution to all educational needs under one roof. It aims to create an environment for students that will not just arm them with the right kind of knowledge, but also develop them as well-rounded members of society.


Nestled amid 120 acres of sprawling greenery, the University provides a unique campus experience


Students and Faculty from more than 25 countries


The only University that trains students for IAS/IPS/WBCS exams alongside teaching the degree curriculum


Our collaboration with more than 85 Universities enables students to study semesters abroad and collect credits.


The university envisions becoming a highly respected global institute by imparting socially relevant education and creating new knowledge through research and innovation for the benefit of industry and society as a whole.

A Galaxy of Interdisciplinary Learning

Adamas University has ten schools of study as well as a Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) that prepares students for various competitive examinations and develops their skills. With a large gamut of programmes — from Diploma to Doctorate — the University is ranked as the Best Private University in Eastern India.


Adamas University provides a perfect environment, encouraging close interaction between the faculty and the students in all curricular and extracurricular activities, which helps young girls and boys to fulfil their dreams.

Continuing our founding mission to bring knowledge to the world

Research isn’t just something we do — it’s who we are. Every day, Adamas faculty and students work side by side in a tireless pursuit of discovery, with the ultimate aim of advancing humanity.

Latest News
Adamas Winter Camp: Students gain unique experience

Adamas University recently organised a winter camp to offer high school students an exceptional and immersive learning opportunity while nurturing creativity

Latest News
Adamas University Inks Memorandum of Understanding with Sappho for Equality to Launch Certificate Course on Queer Discourse

Adamas University’s Centre for Study of Contemporary Theory and Research (CSCTR) has recently formalized a partnership with Sappho for Equality

Latest News
Adamas University adds another thread of collaboration by signing an MoU with Kathmandu University

Adamas University signed an MoU with Kathmandu University on 4 November 2023 during the Higher Education Symposium 2023 event hosted

Latest News
World Federation Honors Adamas University for academic excellence

Adamas University received an award at the sixth industry-academia conclave for “Promising Private University for Academic Excellence

Latest News
Adamas SA’s Unstoppable March to 1st Division

Adamas SA recently became champions of the Calcutta Football League 2023 2nd Division after a victory over Town Club.

Latest News
Adamas University’s Professors Featured in Top 2% Scientist List 2023

The academic excellence at Adamas University has once again taken center stage as two of its esteemed professors have been featured in the prestigious Top 2% Scientist List of 2023.


Adamas University has been my driving force in my life. My alma mater has boosted my confidence and courage to face all adversities of my life with grace.

Global Education In Bengal

Adamas University collaborates with more than 85 Universities spread across 41 countries. This allows our students to benefit regularly from guest lectures by experts from International Universities, student exchange programmes and semester study abroad programmes. Faculty members benefit from research collaborations and faculty exchange programmes.


The most treasured memories of mine at Adamas University were presenting papers at IIT Kharagpur with one of my Professors and pursuing a student exchange programme in Ukraine. These experiences made me corporate-ready.

Adamas Spot light

Adamas University was established with the intention of providing a solution to all educational needs under one roof. It aims to create an environment for students that will arm them with the right kind of knowledge.