artificial intelligence
AI and ML for a better future
by Dr. Sajal Saha
on September 29, 2022
Have you ever considered about what motivates artificial intelligence programmes like Tony Stark’s JARVIS or the common man’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri? These programmes can answer your calls and help you make decisions, but
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Hello world
by Abhijit Giri
on September 27, 2022
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Are we having safe drinking water?
by Kosturi Dan, Gargi Sain, Milan Suryadipta Das, Debjai Gupta, Srijan Haldar
on September 15, 2022
Water is one of the most precious, integral and important aspects of almost every living organism. About 3% of the water is fresh water. This fresh water does not contain significant levels of dissolved minerals
How is Biotechnology impacting millions of lives?
by Joyjyoti Das
on September 14, 2022
Are you an avid lover of biology? Are you naturally inclined to apply the principles of biology to create an impact on people’s lives? Well, then the Biotechnology sector is where you may find your
The world woke up on the morning of 15 August 2021, to bear witness to one of the biggest turning points in the history of the post-Cold War world. The sudden withdrawal of U.S.-NATO forces
নাথবতী অনাথবৎ- একটি বর্ণনাধর্মী নাট্য
by কৌষেয়ী ব্যানার্জি
on September 14, 2022
শাঁওলি মিত্র বাংলা থিয়েটার ও সিনেমা জগতের এক প্রখ্যাত অভিনেত্রী। তিনি ঋত্বিক ঘটকের যুক্তি তক্কো আর গপ্পো চলচ্চিত্রে বঙ্গবালা চরিত্রে অভিনয় করেছিলেন। তাঁর পারিবারিক পরিচয় হল তিনি প্রখ্যাত নাট্যকার শম্ভু মিত্র ও তৃপ্তি মিত্রের কন্যা
The challenge the current academic space faces are the fact that our post-millennials are virtually wanderers. The access to unlimited information, both visual and textual, has made this generation well equipped with knowledge. Because of
Debunking of scopes in Number Theory
Debunking of scopes in Number Theory
by Supriyo Mazumder
on September 14, 2022
Introduction:  Number theory has always occupied the significant historical importance from ancient times. It is an integral part of Mathematics not only from ancient times but also in modern times. It has a huge impact
Mathematics in Operations Research and its Career Prospects
Operations research is an experimental and applied science devoted to observing, understanding, and predicting the behaviour of purposeful man-machine systems; and operations-research workers are actively engaged in applying this knowledge to practical problems in business,
Why should we learn Nanoscience? Impact to our Society
Why should we learn Nanoscience? Impact to our Society
by Swarup Kumar Neogi
on September 12, 2022
In 1959, Professor Richard Feynman in a public lecturer at California Institute of Technology shared his thought about the strange behaviour of small particles. His lecturer was entitles as: “There’s plenty of room at the