Muography – Imaging using Atmospheric Muons (Photography with Photons, Muography with Muons – Simple!!)
by Dr. Purba Bhattacharya Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics
on February 22, 2023
New Trends for Grey Water Treatment and their Reuse using MBR Technology
by Susmita Pandit and Dr. S. N. Roy
on February 22, 2023
Yes, it is possible! Greywater is non-industrial wastewater generated from household works like dishwashing, laundry and bathing. Before decay, it was just an imagination of treating wastewater and reusing it, but in today’s scenario, this
Structural Engineering- Brief Introduction and Career Opportunities
Who are the makers of these enormous structures and designs? How they have been built? The fitting answer to all the questions above is “Structural Engineering”. Under the numerous branches of Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering
IoT Technology to Perform Critical Role in Post-Covid Retrieval of Industry
Introduction: As the contamination acquired over the world, the guidelines of living life reformed. Productions of all categories radically altered their dynamics. One of the first divisions to profit from the pandemic is the Internet of
Legal Analytics Rising trends of Artificial Intelligence in Judiciary
Nowadays, analytics is becoming a part of various domains. It is associated with sectors like business, health, manufacture, etc. Then it is not surprising that it can help legal professionals to deliver services. Legal Analytics
Civil Engineering Leaps to Next Generation with Application of AI-ML
Civil Engineering has been one of the oldest disciplines in the engineering sector. Like many other engineering trades, a lot of new techniques were developed and implemented to improve the quality of construction and maintain
August 15, 2022 53 years of Indian Space Explorations
15 August, Independence Day of India also remarkable for foundation day of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). It was formed on 1969 though the initiatives related to space program had been started by mid-1950. India’s
Advancements in the Domain of Civil Engineering
Advancements in the Domain of Civil Engineering
by Bidhan Ghosh and Santanu Haldar
on January 5, 2023
Civil Engineering is a domain that allows the world to work. From roads and highways to extensions to high rise buildings, this domain has been furnished the society with all convenient things that are essential
Perspective of Government Jobs in Cyber security in India
Although technological improvements have been good for the human species, they have also put the planet as a whole, as well as the digital environment and the world of the Internet, in jeopardy. However, there
Cloud computing makes a dramatic shift in society it not only makes our life simple it also significantly makes our technology more robust and dynamic. At the same time fog computing is another technology it