Adamas Human Resource Conclave

“While in an Organisation, human is to be considered as resource or not” – is a great area of debate in Human Resource fraternity across the globe.

On 3rd May 2019, at RAMADA Central , Gurgaon, an initiative by Adamas University, Kolkata, West Bengal, called, ‘Adamas Human Resource Conclave’ was organized. The event brought together, 45 eminent industry HR leaders to share their thoughts, ideas, expectations upon one agenda – ‘Mutual expectations of Corporate & Academia’.

The discussion was initiated by Professor Samit Roy- Honourable Chancellor, Adamas University & Chairman, RICE Group, he shared his journey and experience in creating this vast and dynamic knowledge city, which is the largest and most well regarded private University in Eastern India. Professor Ray’s journey from a single room tuition centre, for government service aspirants in Eastern India to building largest and best private University in Eastern India today, is commendable and noteworthy. He has been igniting the minds of young and energetic students and their parents, since the last 35 years, which led to the creation of this research led centre of learning, Adamas University.

At the end of an engaging and riveting panel discussion, the industry leaders highlighted the lack of adequate fitment of skilled personnel against resource requirements in the industry. They remarked that the youth of today needs to get well trained, possess an analytic mind and an open outlook towards the industry. The positive attitude and the quality of de-skill to re-skill, is the need of current era to match the mutual expectations of corporate career opportunities across the globe.

It was further established in the session, that the industries demand skills in newer areas, such as AI, Blockchain, problem solving, resources management and thus, nurturing next generation leaders, skilled in an interdisciplinary approach. Universities should collaborate with the industry to set up Centres of Excellence which can nurture innovation. The Indian Universities can give projects to students, to assess their learning at the beginning, not the end of the academic session and longer internships for durations up to 1 year, like Korean Universities. To achieve all this, the Universities should work with the government to bring about necessary legislative changes so that the Industry and Academia can work more closely.

List of eminent industry – click here …

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