Prof. Soumen Sanyal

Professor Soumen Sanyal is a Master in Business Management from
one of the top B-schools in the world, Indian institute of Management,
Bangalore. He is also a Mechanical Engineer from Indian Institute of
Technology, Kharagpur, which is a top Technical Institute of India.He
has over thirty five years of corporate and academic experience.
As Acting Dean, he has established and operated the ICFAI Business
School at Jaipur. Subsequently, again as Acting Dean, he has
established and run the ICFAI School of Financial Studies at Gurgaon in
the National Capital Region. He was Dean at Raffles University,
Neemrana. Subsequenly, he was Professor of Management and Head
of “ Centre of Excellence and Entrepreneurship” at Kaziranga University,
Jorhat, Assam. Presently, he is Professor at Amity University, Noida.
He also brings with him rich corporate experience of having worked at
the highest level in top Indian corporate houses , Larsen and Toubro,
Shapoorj Pallonji Group, Kirloskar group and ISPAT group. He also has
experience of having worked overseas.

Professor Sanyal’s areas of specialization are “Competitive
Intelligence”, “Financial Management”, “Quantitative Methods” ,
“Entrepreneurship”, “Business Research Methods”, and “ Business
Strategy” .
Professor of Finance and Management for over 8 years.
UGC Qualified as Professor of Management as per Clause No.
4.4.5 – UGC Regulations on Minimum Qualifications for
appointment of teachers in Universities and Colleges – Dept. of
Management and Business Administration.
Head/dean of management Institutes for over 5 years.
He was “Chief Executive Officer” of a Shapoorji Pallonji Group
He was Vice President of Kirloskar Group Company,
He was Vice President of ISPAT Industries Ltd., Mumbai , and
Dodsal Limited, Mumbai.
Presently pursuing Ph.D. in “ Financial Analysis of LEAN
Construction Practices”.
Presently teaching MBA courses at Amity School of Business,
Conducting Executive Education Courses for PSUs. Also Head of
“Centre of Excellence and Entrepreneurship”.

Awards :
i) Government of India Merit Scholarship in school.
ii) National Scholarship for results in School leaving exams.
iii) STC scholarship for marketing in Management College.

Training undertaken:

i) American Express Bank -April to June 1985
Training on project evaluation and a separate project on tea industry.

ii) Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation – April to June 1979
Operation and maintenance of thermal power stations.
iii) Ethelwood Tea Estate , Dibrugarh – April to June 1978
Operation and maintainance of tea garden and factory with specific
emphasis on work study methods.

iv) Union Carbide ( National Carbon Co.) Calcutta – April -June ’77
Production Methods of dry cell batteries.

Dr. Nilanjan Ray

Dr. Nilanjan Ray
PhD (Marketing); MCom (Marketing); MBA (Marketing), STC-FMRM (IIT-Kgp)
Accredited Management Teacher (AIMA), New Delhi, India
Associate Professor of Marketing Management School of Management

Educational Qualifications:

PhD (Marketing) (UGC New Regulation 2009); M BA (M arketing), M Com (M arketing)
Additional Courses:
Certificate Course on Financial M odeling and Risk M anagement – from Humanities And
Social Science Department and Vinod Gupta School of M anagement Indian Institute of
Technology Kharagpur, India
Accredited Management Teacher Award in M arketing Management Area from
All India M anagement Association, Govt of India, New Delhi, India Outstanding Research Award won at Global Conference on Business and Finance , 2-
5th. Jan 2010 The IBFR, Lasvegas, U SA “Rural Tourism and Its Impact Socio on
Socio Economic Condition: A Case Study on Kamarpukur Certificate of Outstanding Presen tation at IJAS Multidisciplinary Conference at
Harvard University, 27th. – 31st. 2012 USA Paper Titled: Impact Of Heritage
Tourism on Socio Economic Development O f The Local People: Evidence From Vishnupur, West Bengal, India
Committee M ember for NAAC Accreditation of Adamas University Doctoral Committee M ember of Adamas University Paper Setter KNU (State Govt. University)Asansol, West Bengal, India External Examiner M AKAUT (State Govt. University) Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Core Competence
Marketing Management; Business Environment ; Tourism M arketing; Service Marketing;
Destination Marketing; Digital M arketing, M arketing Research; Sales and Distribution
Management; Research Methodology; Rural Marketing, General Management

Life Member of International Business Studies Academia, India
Fellow Member of Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors Universal
Association of Arts and Management Professionals (UAAMP). New York, USA

Service Marketing
Customer Service Data Analytics
Tourism Marketing
Socio Economic Environmental Impact study.

Workshop on Research M ethodology, organized by The Burdwan University, Centre for Interdisciplinary Study
Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship Development from 2nd. Jan to 13th. Jan 2013 at FM S, Banaras Hindu University –Faculty of M anagement Studies, DST-NIM AT Sponsored.


Dr. Gouranga Patra

Subject – Marketing, School of Management.
Designation- Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator, School of Commerce & Management
Dr. Gouranga Patra graduated from Burdwan University, West Bengal , post graduated from Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Odisha, and completed Ph.D. from Assam University. He is having more than 10 years of teaching and research experiences.

Past Employment –
C V Raman College of Engineering (Autonomous),
BBSR, Odisha Assistant Professor 03 years
Srusti Academy of Management, BBSR Assistant Professor 01 year
NIS ACADEMY, Guwahati Lecturer in management 2.5 years
R.K.Degree College, Silchar Lecturer in Management 01 year
Total Experience: Academic 9 years and 1 year industry out of that 5 years post PhD .

Professional Activities and Awards –
List of Publications in peer reviewed journals / edited books/ books–
1. Patra G, Distribution and Promotion effectiveness on sales- A study of retailers
perception, Splint international journal of professional, 2016, Vol-3, no-9, pp-74-83,
2015. ISSN- 2349-6045.
2. Kumar,B ,and Patra,G, Classical wisdom and the in-roots of modern advertising,
Indian journal of marketing, 2010, vol-39, no-6,. ISSN-0973-8703 (IF- 0.147)
3. Kumar,B and Patra,G, Effectiveness of localized imagery in the advertising layout for
FMCG product- a case study, Journal of Marketing and Communication, 2011,vol-5,
no-3, .ISSN-0973-2330
4. Kumar,B and Patra,G, Celebrity endorsement in FMCG advertising – a case study in
a culturally vibrant society, Advances in Management, 2011,vol-3, no-8,.ISSN- 0974-
5. Kumar,B and Patra,G, Socio-economic and cultural profile and the success of
advertising- an empirical study, Management and change, 2011,vol-15, no-1,.ISSN2278-4551
6. Patra,G, Marketing Problems of Small Medium Enterprise- A case study in Bankura
District of West Bengal, New Horizon Business Thought, 2012, Vol-3, no-1, PP-37-
42, ISSN- 0974-2435
7. Kumar,B and Patra,G, Marketing exposure – a tool for effective advertising
campaign, Journal of Marketing and Communication, 2012,vol-6, no-2, pp- 27-32.
8. Patra,G, and Gogoi, M, Self evaluation and targeted professional development: an
approach to enhance quality in professional education, Srusti Management review,
2012, Vol-6 ,no-1, pp 131-135,.ISSN- 0974-4274
9. Patra,G, Niche marketing- an opportunity for profitable market for small and
medium-sized enterprises, IPSAR Management Review, 2011,Vol-11, no-1, pp-15-
10. Patra,G and Kumar,B, Packaging a new perspective for marketers – a case study in
an isolated region of North East India, Journal of Marketing and Communication,
,2013,vol-9, no-3, pp-39-47, ISSN-0973-2330
11. Kumar,B and Patra,G, Recall and Recognition complementarities- accessing the role
of outdoor media as a catalyst for modern advertising, Parikalpana (KIIT School of
Management), 2013, vol-9, no-1, pp-69-81 , ISSN- 0972-2785
12. Kumar,B and Patra,G, Conceptualizing and testing Advertising Demand Grid- A
prospective tool for an effective AD-Designing, KIIMS International Management
Review, 2013, Vol-3, no-2 , PP-47-61 ISSN- 2250-0960
13. Patra,G, Design of market atmosphere is an effective tool of advertising than store
design, BIITM Management review, 2013,Vol-3, no-1, pp-65-74, ISSN-2250-1533
14. Patra,G and Kumar,B, Brand awareness in advertising- a study of rural consumer
market in north east India, Journal of Marketing & Communication, 2014, Vol-10, no1, pp-55-59,. ISSN-0973-2330
15. Patra,G, Customer acquisition, retention strategies and its impact on financial
performance- a case study, Splint international journal of professional, 2015, Vol-2,
no-2, pp-22-28, 2015. ISSN- 2349-6045
16. Patra,G , Innovative marketing strategy for professional education- A road map, Splint
international journal of professional, 2015, Vol-2, no-12, pp-22-28, 2015. ISSN2349-6045.
Edited Books:
1. Patra,G, Consumers Attitudinal Change Through Advertising- An Exploratory study
in Assam, Innovation of Business Management, 2013,ISBN-97881-923793-2-9, P G
Department of Business Management, pp-111-121.
2. Kumar,B and Patra,G, FMCG advertising in isolated valley in Assam – A case study
in Barak Valley in Assam, Emerging Issues in Business Management, 2013, ISBN97881-923793-1-9, P G Department of Business Management, pp-111-123.
1. Advertising Effectiveness in Indian Context- LAMBERT- Germeny ISBN-13:978-3-
8484-2348-4, ISBN-10:3848423480, EAN: 978384842348.
Research abstract from proceedings in National / International seminars–
1. Patra G, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise and its role in developing economy,
sponsored by UGC, organized by Department of Businees Administration, Utkal
University, September 2014.
2. Kumar,B and Patra,G, Conceptualizing and testing Advertising Demand Grid- A
prospective tool for an effective AD-Designing, National Conference organized by
Indian Commerce Association, Pondicherry university, December , 2011.
3. Patra, G, Innovative marketing strategy for professional education – a road map,
AICTE sponsored , Organized by Department of Management-REC-BBSR, May 2013.
4. Patra, G, Customer Acquisition, Retention and Financial Performance- A case study,
AICTE sponsored, organized by Department of MBA- NIIS institute, BBSR, May
5. Patra,G, Consumers Attitudinal Change Through Advertising- An Exploratory study in
Assam, international conference organized by Department of Management, Srusti
Academy of Management.
6. Patra, G, Sustainability growth and development of Small Medium Enterprise- A study
of Orissa, International seminar, Department of business management, Utkal
university, Odisha, February, 2013.
7. Patra, G, Presented paper sponsored by UGC, Corporate Governance- a watch dog,
Department of business administration, Assam university, January 2011.
8. Patra, G, National seminar sponsored by UGC and NERO, on Panchayetraj, M.C.DAS
College, Assam University, November 2010

Invited Speaker
Invited lecture on Women Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion, sponsored by
UGC, organized by Surendranath college, Kolkata, October 2016.

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