Cloud computing makes a dramatic shift in society it not only makes our life simple it also significantly makes our technology more robust and dynamic. At the same time fog computing is another technology it has come into the scenario with cloud. Cloud computing is a delivery on demand computing service. Fog computing at the same time provides decentralized computing architecture. Network related operation is performed in each layer of fog application. Cloud application .Why the fog is getting attention now-a-days the answer is quite interesting as it provides low latency as compared to cloud computing.

The rapid emergence and evolution of cloud technology has the potential to transform the way we consume information technology. It could also provide new opportunities for people.

Cloud-based services are more advantageous for desktop computers as they allow them to run more smoothly and minimize system memory usage. However, they require more boot time and processes to get started. In this digital world where data plays a crucial role in this case response time of fog application is more as compared to clod so it integrates data more quickly as compared to clod.

Cloud computing is a strategy that can be used for free. It is typically used for software applications. This is also ideal for remote workers. So, location awareness is a major phenomenon in cloud so it is only fully supported in fog computing.

Even though we are changing the way we use computers, the existing method of transferring instruments to a portable device is still available.

While we are changing the way we consume media, the existing method of doing so is still available. This is, however, not a requirement for a specific device or a program.

Many social media apps are stored in the cloud. Communication mode of fog computing is quite broad as compared to cloud computing. Fog not only rely only on IP network it can communicate with Zigbee,3G,4G etc.

It increases data reliability. For Example, “Unlike desktop computing, in which a hard disk crash can destroy personal data, a computer crashing in the cloud should not affect the storage of data”

As we know that cloud is providing on demand access to each user so it is considered as one of the emerging applications now a days. It can overcome the scarcity of resource by mode of virtualization. It can penetrate to every sector to make omni presence from healthcare, education, corporate and govt administration. It is one of the innovative applications that can potentially deploy with machine learning, blockchain and artificial intelligence. It is the backbone of agile application as we know that it can fasten idea of several business activity to maintain ease of access. Likewise, it can scale up and down demand as per business need of any organization. Now the question arises why it is widely adopted among the mass because it is spreading the saga of easy and cheap usage of application. So, any emerging company will not concentrate over setting new infrastructure rather than it can use the concept of virtualization. Clod computing is unable to provide time sensitive critical data analysis, but Fog makes it more responsive and robust. Network core of cloud computing is stronger as compared to fog computing. Unfortunately, cloud has some limitation that is bandwidth, latency and security.


Fog computing mitigates these cons in a very efficient way. Cloudlet strategy is supported with fog which is useful for resource intensive application. Fog application is span across millions of nodes. Fog is more secure than cloud due to its distributed architecture. The make potential changes in legacy application company use cloud as well as fog application to make it more References

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