Dramatic Change in Chemistry Teaching and Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused teaching institutions to switch from face-to-face instruction to online remote instruction. Chemistry teachers have to deal with this as well. Teachers had attempted to conduct learning using a variety of technological platforms. Furthermore, the majority of them had trouble organizing lab activities. Because the end of the epidemic cannot be predicted, this presents a set of obstacles and opportunities to consider integrating online chemistry learning from time to time. However, chemistry exhibits a positive attitude in this pandemic period due to its importance in the pharmaceutical business, which serves as a symbol of optimism.

Throughout the year, the world has experienced various crises. Sometimes it’s because of world wars, other times it’s because of invasions, other times it’s because of natural disasters, and other times it’s because of several pandemics. Various moderate to severe pandemics have emerged all over the world or in some regions of the world, till now. Bubonic plague, Spanish flu, SARS-virus, HIV, Pox, and other diseases wreak havoc on people’s lives and the global economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has recently impacted the entire world. It all began in the middle of 2019 in Wuhan, China. It has spread all over the world by the year 2020. For several months, almost the entire planet was on lockdown.

During the pandemic every institution went under online mode completely. Earlier it was quite difficult to switch everything into online mode. But there, technology came like an angel. Technology brings new challenges to teaching, including developing knowledge about technology and the integration of the technology with content, teaching, and learning. The technology referred to here is the technology that which can help teachers to represent concepts, principles, or laws in a virtual way. Therefore, teachers should have competencies that include content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge. All virtual ways went through different virtual platforms (like, Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams etc.). We also used WhatsApp, YouTube, Quizizz, and other apps for online chemistry learning. But learning chemistry is impossible without lab-activities. We used several recorded lab videos or online performed lab videos to solve this purpose, but 100% lab working learning is not possible. So, in some points technology can’t help us to deliver in that most effective way.  University closures may cause delays in graduation for students who are already in graduate school. When the universities closed in April 2020 in India owing to the coronavirus, students performing field or lab research had to stop working. The situation has been specifically difficult for Ph.D. students who were planning to defend their thesis that time. The closures have had a short-term influence on publication records as well. For kids that do modelling and have the opportunity, the situation may be slightly better. Many scientists are concerned that when the economy enters a downturn, they may have a tougher time obtaining federal research grants and other sources of support. Due to various nations’ policies for limiting the Covid-outbreak, many students have lost possibilities to study abroad. Postdoctoral students may be able to find a faculty position that hasn’t been cancelled. If they fail, they will most likely look for positions in the industry. Postdocs who move into her tenure-track post believe that their universities will fairly evaluate any delays in the research and progress of new faculty members. Other than this, The COVID-19 pandemic has a negative influence on higher education due to the long-term pandemic situation and onerous measures such as lockdown and stay-at-home directives. There is an urgent need to create interventions and preventive methods to address college students’ mental health.

Chemistry jobs allow scientists to address fascinating challenges while also allowing them to build something engaging and valuable. Layoffs become a source of anxiety during economic turmoil and decline. Layoffs may be on the rise again as a result of the current coronavirus outbreak. The cutbacks had already been implemented in the pharmaceutical business, while the chemical industry had increased by 16 percent in 2018. On the other hand, controlling this pandemic outbreak, along with biology, chemistry is one of the most important fields that contribute maximum. Starting from Covid-19 infection pattern determination to vaccine development, chemistry plays a big role. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global chemical and materials industry is undergoing a complete transformation, resulting in increased demand for protective gear and disinfectants, increased demand for antimicrobial supplements, and an increase in the absorption of plastic and glass for the construction of protective equipment. However, due to economic constraints and supply chain interruptions, the industry is expected to suffer in the coming days. The chemical market, on the other hand, may benefit from increased demand for textile materials used in a variety of health and hygiene goods. As the demand for sanitizers and various medicines grows, the chemicals segment has the potential to grow quickly. As a result of all this chemical market will reach to new peak soon. All these things overly enhance the employability for a chemistry students in near future. Hope all of those issues will be solved soon. Hope whole world will be back in its track soon.

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