Career Prospects for Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Why should you pursue MCA?

Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a professional post-graduation degree program of duration two years. This program is a perfect blend of domain-specific knowledge and industry-standard application. Students can opt for the MCA program if they have successfully completed a Bachelor degree in Computer Application or any relevant bachelor’s degree in computers as a subject. This program provides all-around development of students in the computer application domain with the help of modern technical and industry-specific skills.

Eligibility Criteria for MCA

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application is the prerequisite for pursuing MCA.

Graduates from other streams like Commerce, Arts, Science, and Computer Science as well are also considered eligible to get admission in the MCA program.

Scope of MCA in India

MCA candidates are in great demand in the Indian job sector currently. They have the opportunity to work in the public sector as well as in the private sector. Right now, India is considered to be one of the growing IT destinations of the world. MCA has a lot of scope in India considering our nation’s penchant for IT. MCA is considered as one of the technical and professional degrees, leading to a successful and bright career.

Career and Job Opportunities after completing MCA

Adamas University is providing the best career opportunities to students by enhancing their IT and soft skills at the nascent stage. This is the most promising factor for each and every pupil. Adamas University nurtures pupil’s skill set very minutely and provides a clear visualization to each student as per their skill set. It moves forward their career in the right direction and paves the way for them to contribute to the growth of the technical domain.

Some of the job roles after MCA degree to consider:

1. Software Development

If software development is the driving factor for an aspirant, it would be perfect for the aspirant to pursue an MCA degree.

2. Hardware and Networking 

Hardware and networking are one of emerging sectors nowadays. If we do a reality check, it can be found that hardware engineers grab jobs more quickly as there is a scarcity of networking professionals.

3. Software Consultancy

It is one of the booming professions nowadays, hence most of the aspirants can go for freelancing and consultant job to make their career successful.

4. Computer System Analyst

It is one of the demanding career options of any software industry as computer systems are used in most of the industries today.

5. Project Manager

Project Manager is another lucrative job profile after MCA completion which enables an aspirant to supervise a team of IT professionals working under them.

How to select a good institution offering MCA

As a first step, students should select the proper institution which offers MCA. So, students must ensure that they are doing this course from the right Institution to extract the best out of their education. In this perspective, Adamas University is the right decision as it is one of the best private universities in India which ranked in the Times Engineering Survey 2019. Here, we list down some of the parameters to be considered why you should choose Adamas University as your destination.

Top 5 parameters of Adamas University that will help you to move forward in your career:

1. Curriculum

The curriculum adopted in MCA is designed according to industry-standard skills. It covers core Computer Science related papers in the first year of study along with advanced and emerging subjects in the final year of study. Adamas University delivers one of the most well-crafted MCA curriculum which will equip you with the right mix of industry-standard and corporate skills.

2. Faculty Profile

Adamas University boasts of its experienced and qualified faculty strength to impart quality education to the students. They mentor their students with care to show them the right path. A good teacher can nurture the best minds in the world with sound attributes. So, Faculty Profile is an influential parameter that validates the decision of choosing Adamas University as a student’s career destination.

3. Placements

Here at Adamas University, an impressive number of students get placed every year. A lot of renowned organizations or companies visit our campus like HCL, Cognizant, INFOSYS, JARO Education, WIPRO and many more. The placement drives are organized and managed by the specialized Career Development Cell of the university.

4. Your Destination

Your destination is the result of your detailed and informed decision-making process. Though you have decided up your mindset to make your career in MCA, it is must to have precise thinking of which college you would choose. Adamas University quenches your thirst for knowledge and shapes your career for a better future.

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