When you think of “public administration,” you may visualize managing budgets for a local government, transportation department or improving the efficiency of a public health division at local level or at most an optional subject for writing civil services exam. But the fact is, the role of a public administration demonstrates the government and self-government in its new political and economic conditions.  The primary focus of public administration solely relies on providing public services but not limited to traditional services such as health care, transport services and municipal.  In the realm of public administration, there are many challenges and complex issues that are faced on a daily basis and perhaps sometimes longer.  Studying public administration provides numerous avenues towards transforming and implementing change. The ability to choose from diverse occupations in a wide variety of industries is just one of several benefits of studying public administration.

B.A. in Public Administration is a three-year undergraduate programme which deals with a study of subjects such as administration, public dealings & organizations, and constitutional framework. The students during their coursework learn about policies and programmes of the government and gain knowledge about democratic values of the country. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics. With your degree, you can pursue a career that lets you champion important issues and bring about meaningful change. During your education, you’ll develop critical leadership skills that will help you throughout your life. In your career, you’ll collaborate with highly skilled people in many public administrator roles, which will further widen your horizon in the field of administration. Similarly, for graduates with a master’s degree in public administration, there are many career possibilities that might not come to mind right away. A public administrator plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and controls operations in a government office, private company or non-profit organization. This can be in positions as diverse as that of a community health director or the budget director at an environmental justice non-profit organization. With a Ph.D. in public administration, you could work as a senior policy analyst in any government agency including Indian Institute of Public Administration, National Institute of Disaster Management, Indian Institute for Rural Development and many more. No matter what degree level you pursue, you’ll have the chance to enter a rewarding career where you can effect positive change for individuals, communities, and the general public.

Today in the world where the resources are scarce and there is a dire need for sustainable development, study of public administration will help to find a solution for economical, effective and efficient utilization of these resources. Not only this the knowledge of public administration helps to find a link between the policy-making (government institutions) and policy implementation at grass-root level, it gives us the clear picture of gap between the requirements of the people and the actual policy.

As you study for your MPA (Masters in Public Administration), you’ll gain a comprehensive education in diverse subjects—from strategic planning to non-profit organization sponsorship to electronic governance and beyond. In the process of two-year program, you’ll be able to discover which areas interest you the most. An MPA program with a wide-ranging curriculum and internship opportunities will provide an important breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience. As you study public administration, it not only advances your career but strengthens the community in which you work. As public administration student, you’ll be able to gain valuable leadership skills that employers seek for. According to Forbes magazine, key leadership skills include adaptability, transparency, empathy, flexibility, humility, confident communication, emotional intelligence and commitment to a vision1. Further, you’ll learn to set goals and inspire positivity in the workplace. With comfort in these skills, you can encourage others to achieve lasting results and make the world a better place.

Throughout your program at bachelors as well as at masters level, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with veteran professionals in fields such as public service, state legislature, public policy and urban politics, education and immigration policy, community development and non-profits, health and behavioural management, and family and child well-being through various seminars, webinars, special lectures, internship etc You’ll find enthusiastic, passionate people working together to improve peoples’ lives in a wealth of areas, from climate change and social justice to racial equality, affordable housing and community development. Direct experience in the field, such as an internship, boosts a student’s resume and increases their job prospects even after graduation, which is one of the most important highlights of Adamas University with a dedicated Career Development Cell. After completion of course, you’ll be prepared to move into a leadership role in which you can mentor like-minded individuals and see your ideas and theirs come to realization.

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