Career as a Researcher in Sociology

One can become Researcher in Sociology after completion of formal PhD degree, though becoming a researcher is a lifelong process. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  in Sociology is a Doctorate Sociology course. Sociology is the scientific study of society. Sociology is the study of social life, behaviour, social interaction and social system. Students of sociology critically explain society through sociological perspectives and sociological imagination. The Ph.D. programme in sociology is founded on an advanced understanding of sociological theory, research methods and statistical inference. Studying sociology not only upsurges the understanding of human society but also systematically examines human social behaviour. Sociology helps an individual to understand him/herself and the surroundings by examining the pattern of social interaction and social relationships.  

PhD in Sociology at Adamas University offers a programme of research training in sociology under the supervision of experts in their respective fields. The minimum duration of the course is three years and the maximum is five years. The Programme enhances candidates’ academic value along with opening various career opportunities. The eligibility criteria for the PhD programme in Sociology at Adamas University are 1. Post-Graduate degree with minimum 55% marks, 2.  NET or RET Qualified and 3. Personal interview. The goal of the PhD program in Sociology is to train the research scholars with the skill of research followed by good publication. 

Research Scholars of Sociology have to complete course work program (one semester) followed by a research project leading to thesis submission. Coursework comprised of four papers -1. Research Methodology, 2. Computer Application, 3. Research and Publication ethics and 4. Advanced Sociological Theories and Research Methods. 

PhD in Sociology at Adamas University involves the following strengths of the program: 

Abundance in Social sector:  Research scholars in Sociology gets the opportunity to work on various social sectors that is community development, social problems and policies related to areas like child, youth, ageing, women’s, tribal issue and programmes.  

Interdisciplinary areas of research and provision of Joint supervisor– Research scholars are encouraged to choose interdisciplinary areas of research. The provision joint supervisor is available to encourage interdepartmental group activities. 

Regular presentation and report by the studentsResearch scholars in the Sociology department have to present their progress report every six months along with submission of the report. This process helps them to progress smoothly in their research project and gain confidence for presentation in front of other peers and experts. 

Flexible timing for guidanceSupervisors in the Department of Sociology at Adamas University are available round the clock for guiding their scholars in every step of their research. 

Part-time ResearchResearcher scholars can do part-time research along with their full-time jobs in the education sector, corporates, or other areas. 

Time ManagementOne of the important elements of completion of PhD is to finish the work within the specific tenure and management of time is the utmost requirement for finishing the PhD on time. Supervisors of the Sociology department provide proper research planning and time frame. Scholars have to follow that time frame and it would become easier for them to complete the thesis within minimum of years (3 years). 

Assistance in Publication in UGC care and Scopus Indexed journalsResearch scholars are provided constant support for their publication in UGC care and Scopus Indexed journals. They receive all the guidance from the supervisor starting from the selection of the journal, choosing a topic for publication, writing articles including citation and referencing and checking plagiarism through URKUND. 

Sponsored research and development projectsResearch scholars have the opportunity to work under sponsored research and development projects from industries and other organizations both public and private sectors. Scholars have the facilities to work on funded projects and get a degree as well along with scholarship 

Opportunity for International Collaboration and NetworkingResearch scholars are allowed to collaborate with international universities for the presentation of papers, publications and fellowships. Research scholars are being facilitated by international networking and resource generation. 

Career after PhDResearch scholars in most the cases are involved in educational sectors and research organizations, but apart from that scholars also get the assistance for getting jobs in different sectors as Social scientists, Research Associate, Investigator, Demographer,  Research Fellow in projects, Policy Analyst, Urban Planner, Research Officer, Community Counsellor, Research Analyst and Programmer Evaluator in UGC, other Research Foundations,  Ministry of HRD, Ministry of Social Justine and Empowerment, Social Defence, Criminology and Correctional Administration, UNICEF, WHO etc areas.

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