Society is going through changes during COVID-19 breakdown. It is changing the way of our everyday life. COVID-19 changes our social, physical, emotional, political, economic and environmental situations. As a teacher of Sociology, I can
The social crisis We are living in an unusual time. The world has suddenly come to a standstill, with closing down of businesses, and human life restricted. The pandemic crisis of COVID-19 has forced the
Impact of lockdown on Digital Divide: We humans are presently surviving in Network Society (the term coined by renowned sociologist, Manual Castells) which is driven by global networking, information, knowledge, technology, competence, and surveillance. Since
The recent worldwide lockdown is not a historical change but a paradigm shift of the society from modern and post modern to hyper modernity. This ushers a fabulous global transformation in every step of human
Why Study Theories: A Sociological Perspective
by Somdatta Mukherjee
on April 21, 2020
We already discussed why we need to study the subject sociology. You have not yet looked at it here is the link: A very important part of studying sociology is to study its theories.