Privacy Policy and FAQ

Your privacy is extremely important to us. If we have your personal information, you can trust that we will protect it.


What is an Alumnus/a?

An alumnus (masculine) or alumna (feminine) is a former student who has completed a degree or diploma at Adamas University.

What are the advantages of being an Alumnus/a?

There are many advantages of being an alumnus/a such as: to be connected with Adamas University and Alumni Groups for professional networking opportunities, participate in events and programs, organized by our Alumni Groups and by Adamas University Alumni Relations Office.

How do I join / create an Alumni Group?

To start your own Group or to join a Group, please contact us.

What can Alumni do to help shape Adamas University?

Alumni can help in many ways to shape Adamas University. There are many ways to volunteer, get involved and donate to an area of your choice.

How can I reunite or get in contact with an old friend/classmate?

Simply contact us and tell us that you would like to ‘find a friend’ and we will take down your contact information, and pass it along to the person you’re looking for (if we have their valid information).

How do I coordinate a reunion?

To coordinate a reunion or to inquire if one has started, please contact Adamas University Alumni Relations Office.