To get a visa for India, you need to submit a number of documents, which are
1. Visa application form
2. Passport, having a minimum validity of six months on the date of application.
3. Two identical passport sized photographs
4. Supporting documents, depending upon the type of visa
5. Visa fee

Visitors also need a valid permit to visit certain restricted/protected areas. They must fill up their Disembarkation/ Embarkation cards on arrival/departure.
Foreigners visiting India, who hold long-term visas (more than 180 days), are required to obtain a Registration Certificate and Residential Permit from the nearest Foreigners’ Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival.
The foreigners registered at FRRO are required to report change of their addresses. Certificates of registration issued by the Registration Officers should be shown or surrendered to the immigration officer at the port/check post of exit from India.

Registration of Foreigners in FRRO
Foreigners entering in India on long term visa i.e. for a period more than 180 days on Student Visa, Employment Visa, Research Visa, Medical Visa and Missionary Visa are required to get themselves registered within 14 days of their arrival with the concerned FRRO.
Students arriving on short term Provisional Visa (Valid for 180 days or less) need not register but they should confirm their admission within stipulated visa period or else they will be required to go back to their country.
Once the admission is confirmed the students on short term Provisional Student Visa should approach concerned FRRO for registration and extension.
The above rules will not be applicable to Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Afghani nationals. Pakistani Nationals to report within 24 hours after their arrivalюAfghan Nationals to report within 7 days of their arrival & Bangladesh Nationals on Student Visa within 7 days and on other visas within 24 hours of their arrival.

Documents Required for Registration in FRRO
1. Online filled Application Form
2. Photographs
3. Copies of Passport-Photo Page, Validity Page, Visa Page, Arrival Stamp Page
4. Proof of Residence (Leave & License agreement and C-Form from the owner is required to be submitted).
5. Identification and address proof documents of owner of the residence
6. Bonafide Certificate / Letter of Provisional Admission from University.

Extension of Student Visa in FRRO
Extension of student visa is done locally by FRRO. As long as foreigner is Bonafide student and studying in University extension is provided up to five years or duration of program, whichever is less, on year to year basis.