International Students’ Conference


(Virtual Conference)

Topic: Education: Creating Future Today, Going Beyond the Pandemic

Organizer: Adamas University, Kolkata, India

Date: 5 December, 2020

Background & Rationale of the Conference:

Education always has been the foundation of life, lamp to our path, way out to current problems and challenges, highway to innovations, progress and our desired future.

However, the ongoing global pandemic has brought in unforeseen changes in the world of education. From a largely face to face education we were forced to migrate to completely online mentoring and learning all throughout 2020, and we are now looking at a blended mode going ahead in 2021.

In the recent months, we have been listening to different voices, prognoses, solutions concerning future of education from national and international leaders in academia, politics, science, and industries. However, one major voice that has been largely missing in this great churning of ideas has been that of the learners, the youths, the students.

This virtual International Students Conference is a unique global platform where students, like those from Bachelors and Masters, and Ph.D. scholars from different schools of studies from all over the world, get the opportunity to share their thoughts and insights and learn from one another about creating the desired future.

Perhaps this is the first organized initiative in India or Asia by a University to create a platform purely for the learners to express their voices and opinions on the experiences of education in 2020, their expectations from 2021, their views on how to create a futuristic educational paradigm today, and how education ahead can be responsive to their needs and aspirations truly.

Contact persons

  • Prof Dr. Parimal Chandra Biswas
  • Call: +918470018901

  • Ms Najma Lashkarian
  • Call: +916292190227

  • Mr Rajat Roy
  • Call: +918697331229