B.Sc. Biotechnology


  1. Acquire basic theoretical and practical domain knowledge in biotechnology.
  2. Acquainted with tools and technology related to the field of study.
  3. Ability to identify research gaps, comprehend fundamentals and specialize in the domain of biotechnology.
  4. Develop as professional aspirants and sustainable learners with a strong sense in ethics and code of professional practice.
  5. Global outlook with imbibed human values.


1: Academic excellence: Develop strong fundamental knowledge in basic and applied field of biotechnology.

2: Critical thinking: Ability to correlate between courses and develop critical/logical thinking.

3: Skills: Develop skill set related to biotechnology and allied fields.

4: Modern tools and techniques usage: Familiarized with classical as well as modern tools and techniques in biotechnology.

5: Problem solving: Ability to identify scientific research gaps and problems pertaining to biotechnology and allied fields.

6: Analysis: Explore the acquired knowledge and skills of biotechnology to identify approaches for suitable solution.

7: Proper solutions: Ability to retrieve biological data for a meaningful solution.

8: Professional: Decide upon career path, force the challenges and develop professional aspirations.

9: Collaboration: Uphold integrity and collaborative approach in workplace.

10: Sustainability: To accept and implement learning towards sustainable development.

11: Ethics: Practice ethical philosophies and systems in creating and partnering a progressive society.

12: Global citizen: Develop as global citizen to contribute in the greater benefits of humanity.


Minimum 55% aggregate in 10 +2 or equivalent from any recognized board with respective subjects

Duration (in Year): 4 (with exit option after 3 years as per NEP guidelines).

Career Avenues:

  • Employment opportunities in various fields like medicine, healthcare, information technology, consumer product industry, manufacturing, animal husbandry, agriculture and environment industry as safety officer, quality assurance officer, clinical research officer, scientific content writer, forensic expert, bioinformatician, etc.
  • A career in Biotechnology Sales and Services sector as a business development officer, technical service representative, sales executive, and sales representatives based on skill and experience.
  • A career in research in India as well as abroad, both in private and government organizations as a research intern, lab technician, etc.
  • Programs designed with specific applications will enable students to start their own entrepreneurship ventures.
  • The major course will enable students to compete for entrance tests for M.Sc. Courses in Biotechnology/Bioinformatics in various Institutes to pursue higher studies.
  • Some may also shift to MBA in Pharmaceutical Management or Biotechnology Management to enter the world of business as their engineering background gives them the required quantitative skills to excel in these sectors.
  • The major courses, as well as courses on career, skill development, and foundation offered in the curriculum, will enable students to compete for national-level competitive exams like IIT-JAM/ GATE to build up their career as academician/ researcher and also enable students to compete for UPSC and similar examinations to make their career in administration.

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