The University has prepared a strategic plan which is the keystone that aligns all the resources and actions in the same direction. The Adamas University with a road map for each of the eight Strategic Priorities are critical to fulfilling its Mission and Vision while upholding the Core Values.


The Adamas University has tried to become the harbinger of change, creating spaces that foster academic dialogue and discussions. Being gifted with a flamboyant campus and a dynamic workforce, Adamas has been an epicenter of learning and academic exchanges and has taken every stride to redefine the contours of higher education. With an aim to be a research-intensive university, Adamas is committed to its core institutional values of inter-disciplinary teaching and innovative pedagogy. The University is committed to providing high-quality education, delivering research, and supporting scholarships, i.e., highly valued by its stakeholders.

Adamas University was founded in 2015 and has a long history of supporting cutting-edge research and provides outstanding facilities and a supportive environment for faculty members, researchers, and scholars. It has placed much emphasis on creating enabling infrastructure and facilities for advanced research in in various ways, including:

  • Recruitment of Adequate technical personnel for caring for and maintenance of laboratories and their advanced equipment.
  • Establishing new, cutting-edge laboratories and upgrading those that already exist in each department.
  • A facility for air and water analysis and treatment is being built.
  • Establishment of a thin film growing unit.
  • A facility for R&D product development powered by Robotics and AI has been developed, and faculty members are assisting students in producing practical results.
  • Establishing Center for High-End Computing and Research, which created a facility for advanced computation.
  • Founded ten research centers that will operate in conjunction with numerous industries, academic institutions, and medical facilities.
  • The university is providing seed money for the establishment of a laboratory/research facility for the faculty members.
  • Emphasis has been given to filing the patent. Faculty members are encouraged to file the copyrights and patent.

The University has set up a Central Research and Development (R&D) Office, Central Instrumentation Center, and implemented various policies and schemes to strengthen and promote research and development activities like SEED grants, ARISE (funding to enhance student research), reward policies, etc. The Central Research & Development (R&D) office/unit has been setup in the University in 2020 with the following objectives:

  • To identify areas where research evidence could make the most difference.
  • To ensure that existing research facilities are used optimally.
  • To facilitate quality research & consultancy in novel areas.
  • Patent filing and day to-day R&D activity monitoring.
  • Quality checks on research and development.

To create top-notch research facilities at Adamas University, the University Research Centers were established under the direction of the Office of Research and Development. To strengthen the university’s R&D basis, these centers are established in accordance with the university’s mission. Each center has a distinct mission that supports the university’s core strategic goals, core academic mission, and adds value to the system as a whole. Centers acknowledges the imprints of multi-disciplinarity, and offer chances for interdisciplinary activities because they are interdepartmental or interfaculty in nature. With an aim to push the boundaries of research in science and technology to a higher level, Adamas University has established a Central Instrumentation Centre that houses a wide range of high-end instruments. These instruments and facilities help the faculties, research scholars, and students to carry out globally competitive research in the basic, applied, and medical sciences.

Apart from these sophisticated central research facilities, Centre for Scientific Research has established specialized laboratories in collaboration with the government through funded projects and the support of corporate bodies. They provide ideal platforms for conducting collaborative research and development work with several partner agencies and institutions in India and abroad. Adamas University has taken the lead by introducing a special intramural R&D award programme for encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation among students and professors. Adamas is becoming a research-driven institution and cultivating research ecosystem by implementing a number of research strategies and regulations like SEED grants, ARISE (funding to enhance student research), consultancy policies, research incentive and reward policies, etc.

With a strong emphasis on incubation and innovation, Adamas University (AU) primarily supports basic and multidisciplinary research activities and provides answers for new social requirements. In today’s context, entrepreneurship development is a key focus of education. The emphasis needs to be shifted from “job seekers” to “job givers” throughout the world. The adoption of innovation and the development of a start-up culture within academic contexts are essential for this paradigm shift. Under the guidance of the patronage of Hon’ble Chancellor Prof. Samit Ray, the Centre for Incubation has been established in accordance with this changing paradigm to


benefit not only the students but also the broader community. The center started functioning with the vision of being a center of excellence fostering an entrepreneurial culture in nurturing ideas into enterprise towards the development of a self-reliant nation with the following mission:

  • To ignite minds for innovation through interdisciplinary research.
  • To stimulate entrepreneurial spirit and culture among students, faculty members, staff, and other aspirants.
  • To transfer knowledge and leverage IP generation aiming at the commercialization of developed products.
  • To contribute to the emergence and growth of emerging technology and social start-ups into profitable ventures through intensive mentoring and support.
  • To promote economic development in rural or under-served communities through venture creation among self-help groups and encourage women entrepreneurs.
  • To contribute to job creation through successful ventures, thus contributing to nation-building.

These significant efforts have successfully strengthened the research ecosystem of the Adamas University. Today, the university has been able to leave its mark on the world of top-notch research. In the past five years, university faculty members were successful in securing financing from government, non-government, and industrial sponsors totaling 31.46 crores. Adamas has sanctioned seed grants to faculty members of Rs. 31.9 lacs so far and has already established a state-of-the-art STEM cell research facility. At the Center of Scientific Research, many extramural research initiatives are now being funded by government and industry sponsors for a total of around 6.2 crores. The university has allocated 1.70 crore rupees for intramural research to this center. Adamas faculty members have so far authored 400+ books and book chapters, 1300+ SCI/Scopus/UGC care listed high-quality publications, and 26 numbers of patents. 3300+ citations have been made in all, and the university’s h-index is now 20 (as per IRINS record).


Fig.1. Total Publication with Adamas University Affiliation (Last 5 Years)


Fig.2. Total citations of Adamas University Affiliation (Last 5 Years)


Fig.3. Extramural Grants received (both from Govt. & non-Govt. agencies in last 5 Years)