Ragging-Free Campus

The Adamas University campus is a ragging-free campus. A number of anti-ragging measures are in place to ensure strict compliance.


Students will refrain from ragging of any kind. Those who violate this rule will be instantly suspended from the University, the halls of residence or the hostel for a period of one week. The matter will be placed before the Anti-Ragging Committee, which will review the incident of ragging and take action, according to the due process of law. Students must note that ragging results in their dismissal from the University.

We would also like to draw the attention of students to the judgement of the Honourable Supreme Court of India, wherein it is mandatory for the institution to file a complaint with the Police, and all resulting consequences as per The Circular of the Education Department, Government of West Bengal, on Prohibition of Ragging in Colleges and Hostel.

Anti-Ragging Measures

  • Government/ University Grant Commission (UGC), guidelines notified vide no. F.1-16/2009 (CPP-II) dated 21-10-2009 on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009 (under Section 26(1) (g) of the UGC Act, 1956), are strictly implemented at ADAMAS University.
  • In addition to the above, those students who indulge in the acts of ragging shall attract punishment as applicable, which may include any one or a combination of the following:
    • Expulsion from the University/ hall of residence/ hostel
    • Suspension from classes
    • Fine with a public apology
    • Withholding of scholarship or other benefits extended to those involved in ragging
    • Debarring from representation in cultural or sports events or any other representation in events for which the student(s) may have been selected
    • Withholding of examination results
  • Entering the ragging incident on the Transfer Certificate/ Migration Certificate of the students, which might adversely affect their career
  • No placement assistance to students found guilty of ragging
  • Filing of complaint by the affected student with the Police Authority (as per the Supreme Court’s directive)
  • The affected student is required to submit an anti-ragging affidavit as per UGC notification
  • Continuous watch and vigil over ragging by ADAMAS University; the University will promptly deal with incidents of ragging brought to its notice
  • The University will summarily punish or reprimand the guilty student, either by itself or by following procedures, administrative or otherwise. It will constitute a special Enquiry Committee and put forth its findings or recommendations before a competent authority to make a decision
  • Students are encouraged to report any ragging act witnessed or experienced by them to University administrators, faculty, the Disciplinary Committee or any other staff member with whom the student may feel comfortable. The University ensures confidentiality of such a disclosure by a student

Disciplinary Action

The Disciplinary Committee will deal with all disciplinary matters. The Committee shall constantly monitor student behaviour. All disciplinary matters will be placed before the Committee, which will hear the matter and take action according to the due process of law. The Disciplinary Committee, after hearing any matter, will pass a resolution of termination, suspension, retention, penalties or any other action as deemed fit and necessary. The decision of the committee shall be final and binding.

Anti-Ragging Committee

In order to ensure implementation of the policy of “Zero Tolerance” for ragging of any kind within and outside the University, the following Anti-Ragging Committee has been constituted (Office Order No. AU/REG/2019-20/09/023 issued on 20-09-2019):


  • null

    Dr. Rudra Prasad Saha (Chairman)

    Associate Professor, School of Life Science and Biotechnology



  • null

    Ms. Rageshree Ghosh (Convener)

    Director, Student Affairs



  • null

    Mr. Subhranil Ghosh

    Senior Producer, Zee 24 Ghanta


    9830850006/ 7604048772


  • null

    Shri Pronay Das

    Representative of District Admin

    sdobstnprg@gmail .com


  • null

    Mr. Goutam Das

    Representative of Police Admin



  • null

    Ms. Soma Sinha

    HOPE Kolkata Foundation



  • null

    Mr. Biswajit Das

    Senior General Manager, RICE Group



  • null

    Ms. Kasturi Mukherjee

    Assistant Professor, School of Science



  • null

    Dr. Ripon Bhattacharjee

    Assistant Professor, School of Law and Justice; Chief Warden, Boys Hostel



  • null

    Ms. Rupanwita Das Mahapatra

    Assistant Professor, School of Engineering & Technology; Chief Warden, Girls Hostel



  • null

    Ms. Rinku Pandey

    Warden, Girls Hostel



  • null

    Mr. Pulak Kanti Mondal

    Warden, Boys Hostel



  • null

     Mr. Rajkumar Saha

    Parent Representative



  • null

    Mr. Kuntal Saha

    Student representative – Boys



  • null

    Ms. Uzma Ahmad

    Student Representative (Girls)



  • null

    Mr. Sanjib Hari

    Assistant Registrar

    sanjib.hari@adamasun iversity.ac.in


Complaints of caste based discrimination by SC/ST/OBC Students/Teachers/Non-Teaching Staff