Adamas University is established with the aim to provide a solution to all educational needs under one roof. It aims to create an environment for students that will not just arm them with the right kind of knowledge, but also develop them as well-rounded members of society. The university’s Centre for Life Long Learning previously known as Centre for Professional Studies (CPS), Career Development Cell (CDC) and its schools have adopted number of capacity development and skill enhancement initiatives to prepare an industry-ready human resources.

1. Soft Skills

Soft skills are non-technical skills that are personality driven and can affect relationships, communication, and interaction with others. The training in soft skill helps in relationship building, improvement of problem-solving skills, time management, organizational skills, and leadership qualities. Centre for Life Long Learning (CLL) is a dedicated wing of the Adamas University catering the need of soft skill enhancement of the students. Centre for Life Long Learning (CLL) has its three division namely:

  • Life Skills Division – Offers courses pertaining to life long learning like Venture Ideation, Critical Thinking, Campus to Corporate, Dynamic Paradigm etc.
  • Professional Skills Division – Cater bureaucracy examination, competitive examination, and foreign language courses, etc.
  • Upskilling Division – The division focusses on the needs of Adamas’ alumnus by providing shorth-term courses and certified courses in an online/offline mode.

Apart from the CLL, the Department of Language and Literature, from the School of Liberal Arts and Cultural Studies of Adamas University offers soft skill courses under a choice-based credit system. This soft skill courses aim to help students effectively develop communication skills through verbal/ oral communication and improve their listening skills. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to implement the acquired knowledge in group discussion/meetings/interviews and deliver Presentations. This course helps in developing overall personality through goal/target setting, self-motivation, and practicing creative thinking. Students also learn to effectively apply different strategies in multi-disciplinary and heterogeneous teams through the knowledge of teamwork, interpersonal relationships, conflict management, and leadership quality.

2. Language and Communication Skills

The Adamas University aims to empower students with the power of Language by helping them develop the skills of presentation and performance.  Apart from the training in foreign languages offered by the Professional Skill Division of CLL. University conducts regular classes on language and communication as part of course curricula at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Through such specific courses on language and communication, the student gains access to the basics of Grammar and the dynamics of language and message conveyance. Students are encouraged to think with imagination, write or speak with their linguistic abilities and engage in further reading and conversational styles. They become better acquainted to deal with interviews and the screening process.

3. Life skills (Yoga, physical fitness, health and hygiene)

The Adamas University and its Sports Department aim to promote sports spirit at the regional level while achieving global standards. The university has taken many initiatives including the implementation of Sports scholarships and direct admission under the sports quota to promote sports in West Bengal in India. University has well-equipped Indoor Sports Facilities, and a gymnasium headed and monitored by the Sports department. Adamas University has initiated many fitness programs to help students in improving flexibility and reduce, mental stress, anxiety, and inflammation. These activities also help understand and apply the knowledge of basic sequencing, and effective group management. University has established a Yoga center and conducts regular classes to promote health and well-being. Moving one step ahead, Adamas University offers a course on Psychological First Aid that cover the basic concepts of psychological first aid and the strategies of disaster management. This course enables students to learn crisis intervention and community service. The course is designed to reduce the initial distress caused by traumatic events and to foster immediate and long-term adaptive functioning and coping.

4. Awareness of trends in technology

The Adamas University envisions becoming a highly respected global institute by imparting socially relevant education and creating new knowledge through research and innovation for the benefit of industry and society as a whole. Almost throughout the years, several seminars, webinars, workshops, and conferences are being organized across the schools and departments of the university to make students aware of contemporary trends emerging in the field of advanced technology. Schools have taken many initiatives and various schemes have been implemented to train students in the field of Data Science and Simulation, Advanced Robotics, Drone Technology, AI and ML, Agile Software Development Methodologies, IoT, 5G technologies, and cloud computing, etc. Across the various process level, being at Teaching-Learning and Evaluation, HR, Finance, Student Support, Placement, and Career Development, University is rapidly trying to systematize the automation. Adamas University has implemented TCSion Digital Learning, Office 365, CANVAS LMS, aSc Timetable, etc., to empower the digitalization of university processes and activities. Canvas is one of the most advanced learning management systems (LMS) by Instructure that has been adopted by all of the schools of Adamas University. Canvas provides tools for teaching staff to develop and administer course websites. This robust teaching and learning tool have changed the teaching landscape of the university by extending multi-dimensional support to teachers and students. University has also partnered with Coursera, Simplilearn, and LinkedIn to offer the global experience of learning to its academic fraternity. Currently, Adamas University is in a process of developing its Database Repository System to institutionalize the automation processes at the university.