Bachelor of Optometry

Program Introduction

The Bachelor of Optometry (B. OPTOM) is an undergraduate program to be offered by the School of Medical Sciences, Adamas University, Kolkata.

B.Optom from allied health sciences department specially deals with studies of eyes and its connected organs, diseases of the visual system and prescribing the correction of refractive error with glasses or contact lenses and the treatment of eye diseases. Optometrists typically work closely together with other eye care professionals such as ophthalmologists and opticians to deliver quality and efficient eye care to the general public.

The programme encompasses the study of optometry vision sciences, anatomy and physiology of eye, mechanisms of disease optics and visual science, contact lenses, orthoptics, low vision and rehabilitation. The students after graduating will become competent professionals through hands-on training and regular field visits and hospital training in optometric practice and aspects of clinical optometry, contact lenses paediatric optometry and binocular vision eye diseases and treatments. They may pursue their individual practice independently or serve in government or privately managed firms to contribute to the healthcare needs of the society.


Minimum 50% aggregate in 10 +2 or equivalent from any recognized board with science background (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).


Duration of Program: 4 years (3 years course curriculum+ 1 year project + internship)


PO's (Program Outcomes)

PO 1: Graduates will acquire skills and knowledge on comprehensive eye examination, optometric investigation and treatment of ocular condition.

PO 2: Graduates will exhibit structural and functional aspects of the eye and its abnormalities.

PO 3: Graduates will provide suggestions and recommendation for therapeutic solution for different clinical presentations.

PO 4: Graduates will comprehend technological solution and application according to the requirements of ophthalmic patients care.

PO 5: Graduates will provide different contact lens treatment to different corneal conditions.

PO 6: Graduates will dispense all kind of spectacles frames and lenses according to optometry prescriptions.

PO 7: Graduates will be able to diagnose and treat different binocular vision anomalies cases with various eye exercises and optometry prescriptions.

PO 8: Graduates will be able to takeover different public health optometry projects and vision screening camp.

PO 9: Graduates will examine clinical cases and develop suitable treatment plan for ocular and systemic diseases.

PO 10: Graduates will acquire the professional skills to tackle various challenging eye conditions and ocular emergencies.

PO 11: Graduates will follow the laws and regulation related to the optometry profession laid by the authorities.

PO 12: Graduates will be able set up optometry clinic, eye hospital and optical industry.


PEO's (Program Educational Outcomes)

PEO 1: To build a strong theoretical and practical knowledge in basic allied health science, general and ocular medical sciences, visual science and clinical science.

PEO 2: To provide students with practical knowledge about comprehensive and appropriate examination, measurement, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of eye and visual condition.

PEO 3: To demonstrate researches and clinical studies which will contribute to the advancement of optometry and improve quality of life through personal, professional and ethical values required for a health care provider.

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