B.Sc. Geography

Introduction to the Program:

The 3 Year Undergraduate programme (Honours) in Geography, consists of six semesters which includes various branches of Geography including Geomorphology, Geotectonics, Climatology, Soil Geography, Biogeography, Social Geography, Cultural Geography, Economic Geography, Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing and so on. Emphasis is given to skill development through laboratory training. This program consists of four types, of course, i.e. Core courses, Discipline Specific Electives, Generic Elective and Skill Enhancement courses. Population and Settlement Geography, Resource Geography, Agricultural Geography and Urban Geography are few specializations offered to the undergraduate students.

Program Educational Objective:

01: Develop analytical skills to solve complex socio-environmental problems using the knowledge of geographical science.

02: Enhance professional capacities by harnessing the new and advanced technology.

03: Posses an effective communication skills and become a true team worker with higher sense of ethics and value.

04: Openness to explore new ideas through research and lifelong learning.

Program Outcome:

01: Physical Geography Knowledge: Understand how different landforms and physical environment are formed by different physical processes.

02: Social-Cultural Geography Knowledge: Know the socio-cultural aspects and their spatial variation and pattern.

03: Contextualized Understanding: Understand the relationships between society and the environment, and feedback mechanism of their relation.

04: Data Analysis: Collection, analysis, visualization and interpretation of spatial and non-spatial data for solving real world problems.

05: Modern Tool Usage: Ability to prepare, interpret and analyze maps for a variety of purposes through geo-computation, cartography, remote sensing and GIS techniques.

06: Research Skills: Enhanced research skills for research design, data collection, analysis, referencing and report writing.

07: Societal Implication: Analysis and scrunitise the nature and socio-economic based reports in quantitative and qualitative way.

08: Environment and Sustainability: Knowledge of protecting and conserving the environmental resources for sustainable development.

09: Communication and Leadership: Develop quality for lectures and research presentation, good communication, leadership, work in group, and other extracurricular activities.

10: Ethics: Demonstrate applications of ethical values in the academic discourses and professional practices.

Programme Eligibility:

Minimum 50% aggregate in 10 +2 or equivalent from any recognized board with respective subjects

Duration (in Year): 4 (with exit option after 3 years as per NEP guidelines).