M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)

Program Introduction

The program M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics) is a 2-years post-graduate program designed to train the students for understanding of advancements in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as well as academia. This program provides in-depth knowledge to acquire laboratory skills and its applications.

Moreover, the program caters the opportunities of hands on training of practical aspects of formulation and development and characterization of various conventional and advanced dosage forms. The program is supposed to make the students able to think logically and solve the problems, as well as to develop an ability to conduct, analyze and interpret data of pharmaceutical experiments in various departments (Eg: Drug discovery, Formulation & Development, Production, Quality control & Quality assurance etc) as per the needs of pharmaceutical industries and to work on multidisciplinary tasks simultaneously.


B. Pharm degree examination of an Indian University established by law in India from an institution approved by Pharmacy Council of India and has scored not less than 55% of the maximum marks (aggregate of four years of B. Pharm)

Duration of Program: 2 years

Program Outcome (PO’s)

PO1: Have sound knowledge of fundamental principles and their applications in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology

PO2: Develop ability for in-depth analytical and critical thinking in order to identify, formulate and solve the issues related to Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Aspects, Biopharmaceutics & Cosmetic Science

PO3: Develop in depth knowledge to use laboratory infrastructure and simulation softwares to perform experiments on formulation development, drug design and synthesis, drug analysis and pharmacological evaluations

PO4: Develop an ability to solve, analyze and interpret data generated from Formulation Development, Quality Control & Quality Assurance

PO5: Develop written and oral communication skills in order to communicate effectively issues related to Pharmaceutical Technology

PO6: Have an ability to acquire sound knowledge in order to execute the responsibilities successfully towards developing expertise as per the needs of industry and academia

PO7: Inculcate team spirit apart from responding to the social needs and professional ethics

PO8: Grow an aptitude for lifelong learning and continuous professional development

PO9: Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills with an aptitude to participate and succeed in competitive examinations

PO10: Develop an understanding of the need of pharmaceutical sciences and technology for enhancement of quality life of the society

PO11: To demonstrate knowledge of Research & Development in different disciplines of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

PEO1: To produce pharmacy graduates with strong fundamental concepts and high technical competence in pharmaceutical sciences who shall be able to contribute individually or as a team-member in pharmaceutical industry, research & development or in academia.

PEO2: To promote the development of trained human resource in formulation development, analytical development, regulatory affairs, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics and cosmetics aided with professional and ethical attitude, strong communication skills and networking capability.

PEO3: To generate potential knowledge pools with interpersonal and collaborative skills to identify, assess and construct solutions in problems associated to pharmaceutical industries.

PEO4: To train the students to contribute towards health care system and participate in life-long learning process for a highly productive career and relate the concepts of Pharmaceutical Sciences towards betterment of the society.